Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's Eat!!

We introduced Matilda to rice cereal on Thanksgiving.
And to be honest, I was totally prepared for:
1) Her to spit it out completely
2) Her tongue sticking out of her mouth and not actually eating

I was not prepared for how easily she took to it. 
It was as though she had been studying up, and had been eating for ages.

Here it is--the play by play.

Hmmm, I think I have seen Mom and Dad do this before. Let's see what this is all about

Wait a second, this doesn't feel like milk.
And it doesn't taste like milk either.

Well, that was interesting.

Oh yeah, I definitely like this. In fact, don't mind if I just help myself to some more.

We gave Matilda rice cereal after work this week and she is just DOMINATING it. I actually had to make more tonight because she was so excited and just kept opening her mouth like a little robin and bending over to get more and more.

Who knew rice cereal could be so exciting?


Anonymous said...

Whitey's famous ribs next!!!!


Nate Hanson said...

What Greta doesnt mention is that the pictures are literally in a 20second time period. It was awesome to see her so eager, confushed and excited during that time frame!

Amy J said...

great pics! looks like yes she has been paying attention to mom & dad eating and taking notes!!

Anonymous said...

just wait til she gets a taste of Premium...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

how about a cookie or candy bar...greta??????? tof