Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Translation Tuesday: T-Monster

T-Monster: a term of endearment used to describe our lovely daughter.

Yes, I get that it doesn't exactly sound like a term of endearment, but I promise you it is. Derived from Tillie (hence the T), and the first 10 weeks where there were days that she did have monsterly-moments, this term is used lovingly. We have, afterall, finally embraced the 'monsterly' parts of parenthood (okay, we are working really hard to embrace those parts).

For example, Nate calls from work and says: "How's T-monster doing today?"

Sometimes, we shorten it and just say monster--which as I type it makes it even more difficult to convince you it truly is a term of endearment. I  mean look at her...doesn't she just look like a little monster ? :)

This is right up there with Munchie in terms of nicknames. I knew she would never be for lack of nicknames with Nate as her father, I just didn't realize the breadth she would have to choose from.


wisco said...

Not to worry. Emily was TT. Meghan thought it was kind of like ET, but it was really for Thunder Thighs! The nickname really didn't have much effect on her - she doing better every year:)

Anonymous said...

I was bunks. not sure why. Dad was the only one who called me that.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

T-Monster vs Munchie...Grandpa votes for Munchie!!!!