Friday, November 4, 2011


I added egg back into the diet this week.

For those of you rolling their eyes sarcastically thinking "BFD", let me tell you that it takes a long streak of 'blood-free' diapers to test a new food on Tillie, and let me tell you that we haven't had many long streaks of blood-free diapers.

And it is always with trepidation that I do any introduction because having a fussy baby solely because of something you eat is just not worth it. Plain and simple.

Soooo...since I haven't had egg in three full months, we didn't just jump in to it...we DOVE.

We are talking egg salad. Breakfast for dinner. I even decided at 5PM one night that i just had to make Pumpkin bread because if we saw blood flecks in Tillie's diaper the next day I wouldn't be able to eat any and so we made pumpkin bread and I pretty much ate an entire loaf in one day. Not even joking.

And the next step is diaper inspection. Dirty diapers do not even phase me anymore. I stick my nose in it. Push it around. Searching for any sign of allergic reaction. Why?

1) I don't want to keep feeding myself something that will poison my child.
2) I am desperate to get something back into the diet "full-time" since I have really only successfully added wheat since July.

If anyone has any good egg ideas, send them to me! Keep in mind I am still not eating any nuts, dairy or soy.


Rachel Rosen said...

Try searching for recipes using the word "Pareve". It means not dairy or meat. People who keep kosher use it to define something that can be consumed with a meat meal.

Anonymous said...

Pickled eggs from deer camp.
Uncle Todd