Friday, November 18, 2011

What a Difference 5 Days Makes

Well, I think it is safe to say that we have officially made it through our first full week as a working family of three.

A mere 5 days ago, I was seriously considering quitting my job, running down to daycare and snatching Matilda away never to look back.  She wasn't sleeping. She wouldn't eat. She was literally drunk with exhaustion.

And today, I went down to check on her and she was sucking back a bottle, had a big smile on her face (i even squeezed a few giggles out of her), and had just woken up from a great nap.

I realize work is relatively calm for me right now, and life could get crazier, but for now as we head into next week I am thankful that:

- I work for a company that is  flexible. That has a sweet set-up for nursing moms. That has daycare on site so when I just need a quick fix I can go give my little munchie a snuggle.

- My husband is amazing. Who surprised me by showing up to Tillie's doctor's appointment yesterday (even though it meant biking there and then back downtown) because he knew it was important. Who continues to be amazing with our daughter. Who calms me down when I get keyed up.

- Matilda has adjusted pretty well and is melting the hearts of the daycare workers. And that she is still sleeping relatively well at night for a little one.

- My brain still functions each morning I come to work.

And, I am pretty thankful that next week is a short week so I will have more Matilda time, and will get to see the fam on top of it! Of course, that means I will have to share Matilda. :)


Anonymous said...

Isn't amazing how fast life changes and YES you are going to HAVE to share Til. I miss her and can't wait to see all of you. Have a good short week and safe travels. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I have DIBS on Til.....