Friday, December 2, 2011

Is She Sleeping?

Since we aren't getting invited, or hosting for that matter, many game nights now that the little one has arrived, Nate and I have taken to creating our own games that we can play just the two of us.

Okay, the 3 of us. And this one is by and far OUR FAVORITE.

It's called: Is She Sleeping?

And it's really quite simple. When you are in the car, and all of the sudden it gets really really quiet in the back seat, you just twist your arm around back there holding your iPhone ever so carefully so as to not drop it on the baby, and snap a picture.

Then check the picture and find she sleeping?

So, it sounds like a pretty lame game right? WRONG. Because the pictures you get from it are HILARIOUS (or at least with our baby because she is usually never sleeping).

They fall into categories---the "what is that little black thing that keeps hovering above me" face

The "I am fighting sleep as hard as I  can--can you see the slits in my eyes, yes I am still awake" face.

The--"SERIOUSLY--you just woke me up because you forgot to turn off the flash" face

And finally the: "Alright fine, I will just sleep already" face.

Is it bad that the 2nd to last one is my favorite? Look at that pudgy faced scowl. How can you resist that?


Anonymous said...

You 2, now 3, are great at making FUN out of just about anything.
I miss you all, Love, Mom and Grandma

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Anonymous said...

Nice use of technology. When I was a wee bit older my place to lay down was up on the deck for the back window. Can't tell you how many times I woke up in "flight" on the way to hitting the back of the front seats and landing on the floor when the brakes had to be hit...then getting told to stop screwing around.
Uncle Todd