Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby-filled Halloween

It has been over 4 years since I learned that holidays are even more fun  with little one's running around. I remember Finn's first year, and how anxious I was to see him enjoy the holiday even though he was a baby and didn't really know what was going on.

And it is happening all over again now that we have a little one of our own. We had the cutest costume around thanks to Grandma, and she came up to see Tillie in action (We got some of our own adult 'trick or treating' in at the malls....). It was such a fun weekend.

 I have been blessed with an extraordinary group of "mom friends" through a new mama class that we all went together and we decided to get all the babes together for some Halloween fun. Tillie did AWESOME even though she was in the meltdown zone. Didn't even cry once!

I love how sly Tillie looks in this she has a secret.

Can you tell the Tillie loved her costume too?

Next year, I am sure she will be toddling down the block to the neighbor's houses...which is amazing because then I will get to steal all of her candy. :)


wisco said...

I think she loves her costume - even the HAT:) Grandma Nancy is Super-Duper!!! Hope to see you all soon. Just don't know when.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

That Munchie is a cutie!!!