Sunday, November 6, 2011

20 Weeks

10 weeks ago, I thought we would never get to the 20 week mark. It felt like eternity. But now that it is here, I can't believe that Matilda is already 20 weeks old.

She has started to crack herself up every now and then, just giggling out of nowhere which is fun. I also want to know what is going on in her little head. Like does my hair look ridiculous? Is she remembering a funny joke Nate told her?

In other firsts, she has really started to reach for things. Like strings on sweatshirts, her favorite toys, anything that looks like it might fit in her know things like this. Her favorite toy-of-the-week is Sophie the giraffe. This has always been in the top 10 but you even show her that thing and she starts to get super excited and reaches to get it.

It was her first Halloween, which was oh-so-cute...

She had her 4 month appointment as well! Our 'little peanut' isn't so little anymore. 
15 Pounds (71%)
26.5"         (95%)

I was definitely the worst mom ever making her get her shots on Candy day, but she survived, and even got to go on her first day of shopping with Grandma and I.

Tillie is also taking great enjoyment in blowing raspberries. She doesn't have a lot of power behind them yet, but once she does, I predict this face will be around non-stop

Lesson learned this week: Daylight savings time is just not quite as cool with a baby.


emily said...

greta. she is a peach. i think i love her.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure its Dad's great jokes that are cracking her up!!!!She is quite the Munchie!!!


Anonymous said...

Great posts, it was fun catching up. DST with a 1 & 4 yr old use to getting up early. See you soon, Love, Grandma