Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Translation Tuesday: Shit Show

NOTE: In order to avoid triggering any profanity filters at my dear readers places of employment, I will refer to this Translation Tuesday's topic as "SS".....you're welcome.

Yes, this term is growing in popularity to describe chaotic events, things that go terribly wrong. This term is a close cousin to 'cluster F*&K', but a littler more gently, more appropriate to use in a crowded room.

And we use it pretty much every single day. Some days it is a legitimate interpretation (i.e Matilda has a huge blow-out thus the literal SS ensues).

Other days, it may be to describe an outing to Target gone wrong. For example, picture me losing my keys at Target, crying to the security guard because my baby is hungry and i don't know how I am going to get home. I re-trace my steps multiple times, empty out the diaper bag. Return to guest services crying, and then ultimately find them in my diaper bag (the one I looked in mulptiple times).

CLASSIC sh*t show.

And I think yesterday can only be summed up by this term.

Matilda's first day of daycare was a SUPREME SS. She didn't fall asleep until 4PM, wouldnt' take a bottle. Both times I stopped down to see her she was screaming. Honestly, she looked drunk. Drunken with tiredness. Miserably sad. Ugh. My heart just broke for her. And so while Matilda was basking in her own SS of a day, I continued on with mine at work.

And I am 100% certain I have no idea what anyone said or discussed in my meetings after I saw my poor little baby so sad, hungry and tired. Hopefully no one asks me, or I didn't commit to anything I shouldn't have or I am guessing a new SS of a day will emerge.


Anonymous said...

Ok someone out there will run with this idea - I just hope royalties come my way. A "first alert' style necklace worn by the "distracted" individual who lost their keys. They press it, a signal goes out to their key FOB that sets off an alarm helping you to locate said "lost" keys.
The Evil Genius Uncle Todd...

Anonymous said...

I have lived the term "shit on a stick" as growing up on the farm one of the "games" we played with city slicker friends was shit fight. We would pick up gobs of shit on a lat (used for hanging tobacco) and fling it at each other. Oh and I can tell you what happens when it hits the fan...then there was the time when the barn had just been white washed...all I can say is I have scrubbed clean a barn - walls and ceiling.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Oh Gert.....sorry to hear Til had a tough first day....hopefully yesterday went better...give old dad a call if you have a chance.