Sunday, November 20, 2011

Translation Tuesday: Noise Violation

Pretty self-explanatory.

But after 6PM, it's like I magically become a police officer whose sole duty is to keep the peace...and QUIET. I will literally do anything to keep our child sleeping, especially at night. And if that means whispering. Fine.

If it means leaving all of our cupboards open just a tish so it doesn't make a loud banging noise, I"ll do it.

I've got floor boards memorized. Which squeak and which don't.
I am the master at putting away dishes so quiet you wouldn't actually know I did it.

But all of this noise policing wears on Nate. He just couldn't stand being shushed one more time.

And so we tested all the noises we normally make. Dishes. Walking. Talking. TV. I stood in the nursery and Nate made all of the noises, so we LITERALLY know what noises do, in fact, transfer to the nursery.

Thus, the Noise Violation, was born.

So now, when Nate is engaging in a questionable noise-producing activity, instead of shushing him I just say "NOISE VIOLATION"

(in a very loud whisper of course)


H.Maxwell said...

what noises qualify as noise violations?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Finn and Leo will be major Noise Violators...!!!Can't wait to have the whole gang in house, chaos and all...!!

Nate Hanson said...

Pretty much me talking, and sometime heavy breathing can set the police on me! Both I do regular basis... soooo.... yah...

Greta Hanson said...

Nate is exaggerating. But clear noise violators are: the pantry door, the back door, anything that involves banging pots and pans and the dishwasher being loaded. Oh and no talking in the hallway. :)

Anonymous said...

Just like when we had to give cows or pigs a shot, you would start by gently punching the shot site. (think tap tap, tap tap went the raven) They would then get used to the sensation and when you stuck them they would not flinch or move. It sounds tooooo quiet (pun intended). You need mucho background noise. Heck by the time you have your 4th kid you won't really care how much noise you make and they will sleep thru anything. (this life observation based on personal experience)
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

"noise police".....really????..she's in daycare...I'm sure there's NO noise there!!! she'll soon sleep though anything....TOF