Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blast from the Past

I never in a million years would have thought that we would be able to cook so much with a little one. Considering that the first time around, I don't think Nate and I could adequately feed ourselves until about 4 months in....

But we are. At least this week. Next week, all hell could break loose and Tillie will be knocking on the neighbors door begging for them to give her a 'nack'.

It has been super fun because we went back to our very.first.cookbook (Great Food Fast), that we cooked together in after getting married, and we have been cooking some of our favorites from the Spring and Summer section.

Saturday we had Rigatoni with Goat Cheese, and we discovered that not only can Matilda pronounce "nut" perfectly but she apparently loves pine nuts. I wasn't sure that she was actually supposed to have them but she wanted to try it. And after thinking the first one was disgusting, she proceeded to eat all of her nuts, as well as mine and Nate's.

Sunday we had Indian Spiced Chicken burgers. We weren't sure if Tillie would approve, but we didn't care because it was one of our favorites. And Tillie didn't she wolfed this down as well.

Monday we had Lentil Walnut Burgers--of which Tillie said no thanks.

Last night we had Pan-Fried Shrimp with Curry Cashew Sauce, with the amazing sesame carrot salad. It felt so good. Bea graced me with a 3 hour nap and I did SO MUCH cooking. It was glorious.

And tonight we are having  Pasta with pesto, potatoes and green beans.

And I can safely say (since it is now past tense) that not only did we plan the menu, and buy the groceries for all of these meals, but we actually made them. A step we hadn't always been able to successfully complete in the past.

I am hoping to continue to enjoy cooking while i am off of work, because lets be honest...once I am back it is spaghetti, tacos, etc etc on a rotating schedule! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Translation Tuesday: Baby Nap Trap

When Matilda arrived, so did a whole host of lingo used around the Hanson house. And the arrival of Beatrice, has sprouted some new terminology. So at Nate's request, Translation Tuesday has been ressurected for now.

Beatrice is, how do we say, not a fan of her car seat, ESPECIALLY if it is in the actual car. This poses an interesting problem seeing as she is in it twice a day as we walk to daycare, and ideally would be in it longer for a walk or at another point so I can get the heck out of the house.

On the off chance that she falls asleep on said walks, I CURSE our neighborhood as every corner has baby nap traps. Otherwise known as those little bumpy plates that they put in every corner. What are those things called anyway? And why do they even have them? Is it for blind people? Seriously, i don't understand.

Because it seems to me the sole reason they were put on the planet is to make sure my sleeping child doesn't continue to sleep after we cross the freaking street. And so, we walk in the street.

Nate, being a novice at walking Bea (since he actually has to go to work every day), has fallen victim to this a number of times until I made him very aware that the baby nap trap must be avoided in order to have a successful family walk.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We were back in WI this past weekend to celebrate Syttende Mai. For those of you non-Norwegians out there, Syttende Mai is the Norwegian Independence Day. Think of it like Cinco De Mayo, but instead of Tequila and Tacos, there is lots of Coffee and Lefse.

Us Norwegians know how to party.

Matilda, as it will shock no one, LOVED lefse. And her lefse wrapped sausage.
And her rommegrot. Which is literally made of flour, cream, and butter. I wasn't the one who gave it to her......

We got to see the approximately 9 minute and 15 second kiddie parade. The perfect length for the toddler attention span. We were grateful a few of the kids brought their puppies in the parade since we had told Matilda it was a puppy parade to get her to sit still long enough for the parade to start.

(does that make us terrible parents??)

Beatrice and Grandma got some good snuggles in the beautiful weather.

And Matilda got in touch with her inner-Norske.
The child says "yah" all the time so she has the basics down. :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dear Matilda -- a Prelude to Two

Dear Matilda,

It's you. Yes, you. You are emerging as your own person. With your own preferences, demands, style (you LOVE those kitty jammies), and quirks. You have a personality. And it is one that I adore. My lack of Matilda details these last few months on the blog kills me because you have done so many things, and said so many thing I want to capture and remember forever. And the absence is not a reflection of my not noticing you or those little tiny moments, it is my inability to find time to blog.

You light up the room when you arrive announcing with a loud "HI MAMA", and ensure no one misses your exit either.  You are becoming more social, and less skeptical of strangers. There are still moments of shy caution, but you offer up greetings and smiles more often.  You hold out your arm, and wave your fingers to friends as if to say "come play with me".

You are obsessed with animals. But really only in theory. Once you have the chance to get close to puppies, kitties, etc, you kind of freak out a little. Every time we go for a walk, you basically ask for us to find you puppies the entire time. And, we do a pretty good job rodeo-clowning you to believe we are on a puppy hunt and not just a family walk. 

You are turning into a polite little girl. Saying  please and thank you. To that end, you are talking up a storm. Stringing new words together to form new sentences every day. You now call Daddy, Dah-dee. It is precious, and melts his heart (something I am sure we will need to lock down in the very near future). You are so excited to tell us stories when you go on an adventure with only one of us. "Mama, guy up down up down beep beep, up high".....the most recent story of your escapade to Home Depot where you saw a guy on a lift getting some lumber.

You can't pronounce your "c" if it comes at the front of a word. Cat is "dat" (pretty confusing since that is also you 'that'). BUT, if the word ends in a "ck" or "k", you take such. great. care. annunciate every single syllable. Ducks becomes a 5-second word to say because you say "du" and the "cks" comes very thoughtfully and carefully after.

You love your Daddy. So much. 

And you love his bike, and that he bikes. Every morning running to the window to watch him bike away. And EVERY person you see on a bike while we are out and about you say: Daddy Bike. You love trying on all of his gear and 'tickling' him with his big winter gloves.


You still love Peek a Boo. But what I love is that now you say "Peek" and then when you look you say "See you". Ugh. I die for it every time.

 I also love seeing you get frustrated. Not because I like to see you frustrated but because I see a determined, persistent little girl emerging that is going to be ready to take on this world. Yesterday morning you were making a stack of books that kept toppling over and you got. so. mad. that they wouldn't stack. But you figured it out, and eventually got them stacked juuuuust so.

And, you are now a big sister. And you are a great big sister. It has been a lot of change for us. And a lot of change for you. And I am so proud of you, and how much you already love your baby sister. Announcing "Bea's up!" whenever you hear her in the morning (because let's face it, you are still our little 5:50AM alarm clock), and  pointing to your eyes whenever Bea is crying, even suggesting to me "Bea milk" in case I hadn't thought of that.

You love to play "Ready, Set, Go"...whether it is to start a race, go down the slide or run circles in the living room. I would be lying if I told you I hadn't used that to my advantage to get you to get your hat on. Coat on. Shoes on. Pretty much anything I can use this game for, I do. But that is how much you love it. 

The obsession with monkeys is real, but partially our fault as it is your only interaction with videos to this point. You will sit and watch the same 8 minute, 6 second BBC documentary clip on monkeys every day. And will beg for more every time you see Daddy or I with our phone.

You have a happy heart. And even though M-I-N-E is your favorite word right now, you love to be around other kids. Cautiously watching from the sidelines before you jump in and play. As they said in your daycare conference: "you are happy to play with others, but are quite content on your own path as well." And I hope you keep that as you get older. It will serve you well because sometimes that path everyone else is on, isn't the right one for you.

You are getting ready to turn 2!! And I can't wait to see what this next year holds for you. My big girl. Who will probably always be getting too old too fast for me.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

90 Minutes

Up until yesterday, I have pretty much been holding Beatrice for all of her naps, and then once she woke up would fly around and triage myself. Bathroom. Water. Food.

It isn't sustainable. And I know that. But gosh darn it, I was going to get through the 6 week fussies with my sanity in tact. Now, that we have accomplished that (although the sanity is probably up for debate), it is time to nap this girl in her bassinet.

We have done the occasional nap in the 'baby taco' but she wakes up after about 30 minutes (hence the holding). Why settle for a 30 minute nap when you can have 2.5 hours, even if it means submitting your body to a chair for that amount of time and potentially losing a limb from severe blood loss?

So it was with bated breath that I set Bea down yesterday. Swaddle. White Noise. Paci.

NINETY MINUTES later she woke up. WHAT?!?! Insane. Blew my mind.

I learned two things yesterday:
1) Bea did a pretty darn good job napping.
2) You can get a PILE of stuff done in 90 minutes.

Don't believe me? Here is what I got done, and on my girl scout honor I am not embellishing this:

- wrote 3 thank you notes (although I still need to address them)
- Finished Bea's birth announcements and purchased
- 2 loads of laundry
- Ate lunch
- Cleaned a cantelope
- Got dinner prepped
- Called the insurance company
- Called Park Nicollet to get insurance resubmitted (personally, this is the biggest accomplishment)
- Called doctor
- Updated Bea's baby book
- Organized my recipe binder
- Finished editing pictures for our 2012 Family yearbook

All of that. I got all of that done in 90 minutes. My mind is swimming with possiblities of what I can do with my time if the child continues to sleep in the bassinet, which she will most likely not ever do again now that I have told the world.

But sure as I am blogging now....with two hands....the babe is napping. Not in my arms.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The time is now...

We have made it to the dreaded 6 week mark. The week when fussiness is supposed to peak. This is the 2nd in four of my 'mama milestones' to survive through (the first was the equivalent date that colic presented itself in Matilda). And now that we are here, I am in battle mode.

The 6-week fussies are real.

What I can't figure out is if the fussies are the week leading up to the 6-week birthday or are the week after the official date.

And I suppose it doesn't really matter because Bea was a bear last week, and is making nice with me this week, so I am going to go with the former theory.

The moby is out in full force. Music is blasting for the 'hoochie cooching' hours. And we are bringing out the big guns....the paci. And more importantly, I have my 'this too shall pass' attitude, which was no where to be found the first time around (probably because no one could possible talk me into the fact that it would actually pass).

So, wish us luck, and if you don't hear from us until next week, you now know why.

In related news, if anyone is interested in some cheap birth control, I have an infant I can lend to you for the next week.....

Friday, May 3, 2013

One month

I am pretty stoked to report that we have officially made it through the first month. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxious to be able to very quickly report the same on the 2nd month. Newborns are just not my jam.

Don't get me wrong--it is pretty amazing to get to do some serious snuggling with the likes of Beatrice.

The first month of Bea's life was pretty sublime compared to Matilda's (at least from my perspective). And I hate to compare. But Bea was a champion nurser, finishing her meals in record time and making it much more reasonable to consider nursing her anywhere.

Because of the above, she started sleeping longer at night much quicker. We were getting pretty solid 5 hour stretches within a week (8P-Midnight or 1AM). She didn't require any hoochie coochie or paci plugging in between night feedings. But went back down relatively easy.

And during the day...there was lots of sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

Beatrice has an expression of curiosity when she is awake. Always raising her eyebrows.. if to say, "Oh hey, Mama. Whatchya doin'?"

Nate and I have declared the first 8 weeks as survival mode. Which for us means no apologies for take-out, pick-up or PB&J dinners. Bedtimes that have an 8 in the beginning of them. And really honest conversations about what we need to keep surviving. Like my request for some Bea-free time tonight.
One of the requests from Nate was some extended nights at work so he could get caught up. He has been doing amazing getting home to help out with the witching hours.

And so, Pop Pop was called up to duty and he headed up to Minneapolis to get the three girls. The morning we left he got strapped with a 3 hour Bea nap....tough tough work.

And then, just a few days before Beatrice's 1 month birthday, we went for our first road trip back to Viroqua. And this time, Mom got to try her hand at a Bea snooze in the Moby.

Just before 4 weeks, Bea got struck with some serious witching hour infliction. Lots of soothing required. And her soothing of choice seems to change frequently. It was moby wraps and disco music/dancing. And the last few nights it's cool weather and a paci. So we keep trying things. And she definitely keeps letting us know if we are right or now.

Unfortunately, Bea also had her first Readycare appointment this month as Typhoid Tillie brought home a nasty cold and pink-eye. And so we had our first trip to the doctor where BOTH girls were seen a mere week after we were home from the hospital....

And so we celebrate the first month coming to a close. And the fact that we are still standing as a family of 4 (and that we have avoided Matilda crushing Bea's skull to this point). The good thing about the second time around is that you have full knowledge of all that is to come. And yes there are some "oh yeah, we have to do that again...", but from what we have learned, it just keeps getting better.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do Work!

When we were in Viroqua, my Dad piled all of the 'big' kids into his truck to help him do chores down at the office. It was a super special trip because there were no car seats required for the approximately .9 miles to his office. It gave me a little glimpse into how easy life will be when we are done strapping kids into car seats (which will be approximately 15 years for us with the new laws...)...

These chores were really just a giant ploy to take them out for ice cream, but he did a good job of masking it with necessity for 'rock picking' and 'stick gathering'.

We walked across the street and into my old stomping grounds of Dairy Queen. Ahhh..DQ. My high school gig that helped bring in some cash for college. Now, a place where a twinkle is brought to my daughters eye.

And also produces a death grip like none other. No one, and I mean NO ONE was taking this thing from her.

All of the kids were happy.

I love this picture. It totally captures how impossible it is to get an amazing shot of all three. Finn is striking a super hero pose. Leo had just gotten done licking the giant plastic cone. And Matilda looks like she is trying to suppress a giggle in a very girlie fashion.