Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween Hijinx!

After much debate, and convincing with Matilda, the girls dressed up as Lions for Halloween this year! I really wanted them to have the same costume..don't ask me why. But I do know the number of years that they will be willing to be the same thing will be extremely limited.

And since Bea has an absolutely adorable little roar these days, I only needed to get the eldest on board. She wanted to be a kitty, a zombie kitty, a peacock, and more. I couldn't quite get her to agree to the lion. UNTIL, we went to Chicago to visit the Keaty's and got to watch the Lion King.

Then I capitalized on that excitement, and branded it as "dressing up as Simba" and she was all in. (what can I say--thats what you get with a mom in marketing). And even as what seemed like every single friend from school told her they were dressing up as Elsa or Anna from Frozen--Tillie didn't waiver. She was going to be a lion.

Which meant that I was getting tips on tutu-making and pulling together some lion costumes. (as a girl mom tip--if you are ever making a tutu--buy those super cheap crocheted headbands, throw it on a canister of some sort, and just slip-knot tie the strands of tulle in each hole). Super easy!!!!

I was a little concerned that after just a VERY short walk down our own walk-way, Bea eyed up her little chair and seemed to already be 'all-done'.

But that was short-lived, because as soon as she understood what the night held she was OFF. And Matilda was trying to keep up with her. It was unfortunate that the first 5 or so houses we went to had dogs because Matilda got a little gun-shy. Not Bea. Bea would step right up, Snag her piece of candy. Wave bye-bye and literally turn on a dime and say more to go to the next house.

As you can see, she was having no fun at all. It was the first night that it was actually cold this fall (which by the way is so typical for midwest halloweens...we literally missed it by one night), and Bea refused to put gloves on. She got a hold of a tootsie pop, and once I realized she had started eating the paper, I gave in and let her have it. Both of the girls ended up getting 2 suckers from their Halloween stash. And Mama got the rest (although I did share with Nate :)).

A few weeks before Halloween we also had a very fun get together with some of Tillie's best friends from early on. Eila and Amanda and their adorable new brothers came over and we had quite the brunch and pumpkin-carving party.

The girls had fun, and each had their own style of carving and how grimey they were willing to get. And of course, Bea was not going to be left behind. As they get older, it is getting harder to get a good picture of all three, but we did our best! :)