Monday, July 13, 2015

Stars and Stripes and "Fireworks"

We kicked off the Fourth with "stars and stripes day' at the Girls' school, and given that Otis is starting so soon, I figured I should start getting him used to theme days and joined him in on the action.

Tickle Monster is a new favorite game. By all parties, until Bea starts doing the 'pinching monster' or 'punching monster'.

We headed to LaFarge for a very traditional small (ie micro mini) town parade filled with vehicles carrying 'princesses', vets carrying flags, fire trucks, and some vehicles that just seemed to want to join in on the action. And SO SO SO much candy. Which we managed to keep a pretty tight lid on for the girls. Bea picked up on how to run out in the street pretty quick, and every time she ran into the street and came back she would say: "no hurt" and Tillie would cheer for her for not getting hurt. 

Oh my children....

Otis, being woken up from his nap to attend, spent the bulk of the parade trying to amputate my arm with his weight and continued nap in my arms.

And then spent more time watching this zebra than the parade.....

We are still not fans of very loud noises....

Or horses that are in the street.....

And this event brought one of my more public nursing moments for this babe....

We had a good ACTUALLY liking a dog in theory and practice moment (versus the typical just in theory).....

And a rare Mama and Otis picture. I love this little boy.

Afternoon Strawberry Shortcake Social. No shortcake for this one but he was still all smiles.

But as you can see the smiles get bigger when the shortcake can be consumed....

Call me crazy, call me mean, you can call me whatever you want, but my kids don't get to stay up for fireworks. 10PM is just NOT happening for a few years. So I bought a couple of 'popits' at Target and some sparklers and at about 6:30PM we had our own firework celebration.

All was great until the very last sparkler when a little ember flew off and nipped Bea on the inner thigh. Sooooo...maybe no 'fireworks' at all. Ever. Again. #badmom

It was a great day--filled with lots of festivities that helped us celebrate. Tillie was certain we would have a big cake for America, and was just slightly disappointed when that didn't happen. There is always next year, right?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Role Call!

It's been another month filled with firsts. Maybe it is because I am going back to work soon, but I am becoming increasingly more sentimental with every passing milestone. Matilda is seeming so OLD to me. I can honestly just picture her teenage eye-rolling and disgust with Nate and I, and it feels like it is going to happen tomorrow. Beatrice is in her amazing-two's and makes us laugh and cry and filled with frustration and love all in a two-minute span. And Otis---well he is just being the third baby---amazing, sweet, and go with the flow.

It feels like each day is a whose who of "i'm doing something for the first time so you better pay attention to me..." each of the kidlets vying for attention by doing, saying or just generally being cute. Or often times doing something naughty that forces us to pay attention. But I digress, this post is about the former.

So Matilda---first dance lessons at a local dance school. I am NOT super keen on the dance scene but she had been asking do to dance and her little best friend also was doing it so off she went. With tap shoes and ballet shoes and a little bigger piece of my heart.

We had our first visit to our 'new' house by Rebecca and Cash. The girls were excited although Matilda really was wondering where Finn and Leo were....

And Otis has hit a few of my favorite milestones:
Finding his toes...there is just something about a baby grabbing onto his toes, rolling around, putting them in their mouth that slays me.

AND, Otis started to eat food. I use that very loosely as he hasn't really decided to EAT anything. He is super interested in watching us eat. Him, not so much. But as Nate keeps reminding me, this is just 'practice'...and in the meantime it makes for some fun pictures.

With the warmer weather, we also have had a number of first visits to the pool as a family of five. Jury is out if this is where Matilda got ringworm (yes, that actually happened), but it doesn't matter because these two have so much fun there. And Otis, well he is pretty content to just sit and watch it all happen.

The final HUGE first that happened in the last week is that Bea is now officially potty trained!!! Her little booty in underwear is pretty darn cute, and she is oh so proud of herself (as she should be!). This also means I had my first at the park port-a-potty incident with both girls and answered a lot of questions about why the water is blue, why does it smell, etc etc. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little Red

Another year has passed.
It is so hard to believe that Matilda has made Nate and I parents for FOUR years now.

And she continues to make me so happy to be her Mom.
I love watching her grow into her own skin, becoming more comfortable with herself.

She has a tender heart, and listening ears. She likes to learn, and do puzzles.
A silly streak, and a cautious approach to things that she is uncertain of.

She is an observer. A great big sister. An ear-rubber and finger sucker (at least for nap time!).

There is never too much time that passes before she poses her next question, whether it be why a squirrel can balance on the fence and she can't, or where do buttons come from, this girl is always thinking.

We hosted 10 of her little friends over for her Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party and it was everything you would imagine 90 minutes with that many kids in one house would be. Loud. Silly. Fun. Crazy. Hectic. Amazing.

Little Red Storytime

Waiting for the door to open to go on our Red Riding Hood Scavenger hunt

Matilda wasn't quite sure it was fair that Bea got to have a GIANT egg hunt for her birthday, so we had to get creative on how to incorporate some sort of 'seek and find...'#justicepolice

Making Masks

Cupcakes courtesy of Grandma Nancy!

Waiting to be devoured

So sweet

The finished product

Balloon Dance Party should have been called Screamfest

Happy Birthday Matilda!

The anticipation of the cake!

Make a wish!

And just like that we have a four-year old.
I cannot believe we are lucky enough to call her ours.
And how fast time is going.
It seems like just yesterday I was crying to Nate saying "I just want her to be an age that I can DO stuff with her."

 And now I am crying to Nate saying, "It's going to go too fast. Pretty soon she is going to be way to cool to play with us and just want to hang out with her friends. Can you invent a time machine??"

We love you Matilda!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Lovin'

This maternity leave continues to get better. Day after day, the thought of work creeps in and makes me wish I could figure out how to strike it rich (or at least rich enough to not have to worry about losing our house and car) so that I didn't have to go back to work. Can you blame me? This is who I am hanging out with each day....

Sure, he can be cranky at times. Definitely poops his pants more than the average human. Drools. Spits. And has recently discovered the joy of making fart noises with his mouth. But....he is also smiley. And snuggly. And pretty damn cute.

We have busted out the exersaucer which is the perfect little entertainment center for Odie, while the girls run around in the backyard. And as a double bonus acts as a little fortress of protection from Bea.

The girls...well they like water. Water for washing rocks. Water for washing much. Dump it out and start all over. I love games like this. That require just imagination (perhaps some would call it manipulation) and whatever you can discover laying around your backyard.

We haven't busted out the swimsuits yet. But personally, based on this picture, I am quite ok with it. Check out Bea in her little undies. GIves me extra motivation to potty train. That booty.