Monday, March 16, 2015

Status Update

So, blogging.

Not as easy with three kids as with one. I look back on my blog when it was just Matilda and you guys (if anyone is even hanging with me on this thing) knew every.last.detail about that girl. know Otis was born and that is about it.

Maybe it is because it is a 3-ring circus here, or because I am enjoying just being with Otis and not documenting every last thing. Although then the Mom guilt sets in and I know he needs pictures too, lest I hear about it the rest of my life.

So here are a few details on our Otis.

There is far less of THIS than there was with the first two (at least so far):

He seems to be relatively even-keeled. Just don't try to put him to sleep if he doesn't want to me. He can, apparently, do that himself. We are still working on tummy time, which is definitely not his favorite thing.

He likes to be on his back staring out our bright windows. And every once in a while, he doesn't mind be accosted by his older sisters.

Otis is super snuggly. Has lots of coos and 'stories' for me. He is a boy through and through--I get that comment more than anything. "Man, he is ALL boy". Which is good, because he burps and toots like a boy.

We busted out the bjorn this week for the beautiful weather and he loves the fresh air. I should say I love it because it is like the baby equivalent of ambien for him. Right to sleep. Which makes the mama very happy.

And finally, while it is unconfirmed until his 2-month appointment next week, he is huge. At least compared to my girls. And no complaints here on the size if it means that his sleeping continues on the trend it has been (of which I will not comment so as to avoid jinxing it). Also, how is this child already almost 2 months old. I think time goes faster with each child....

The moment all Mamas wait for during those hard newborn weeks...the first smile! I can't say this is his first official smile (which was right around 5 weeks), but it is one of them. And I adore it.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Sisters

The most popular question I get every time I run into someone I haven't seen since having Otis is: "How do the girls like him" (followed by how are you adjusting to having a boy...more on that later).

The girls.
The girls love him. And so far have been great with him (minus the admitted drive-by biting/hitting incident that cannot be verified by anyone but Bea and since she doesn't have all of her words yet--only Otis really knows).

The each have their own style with him.

Matilda is Mother Hen. 
Less interested in holding, cuddling, nurturing and more interested and telling him what is what and offering words of encouragement.
"Otis, don't you cry. You don't need to cry right now"
"Otis, Mama will feed you soon"
"Odie, I love you!"

Bea, on the other hand, wants to hold him. Touch him.
Change his diaper.
ALWAYS suggesting to us that we change his pants. If Bea had it her way Otis would go through about 37 diapers a day.

She also has moments of jealousy. Where she will say "move" and start to shove Otis off of whoever's lap he is currently residing (did we mention that Bea is DEFINITELY an Alpha?)

Or climbing up right onto the pillow while Otis is nursing and just saying: "sit". Like..."hey! I deserve to sit here too, buddy".

She has also started to want to hold him by herself (shocking no one that knows this independent soul)....motioning for me to get my hands outta there when she is trying to hold him. Which usually ends up with Otis crying, and Bea saying "shh, shh, shh" to him.

We have been the lucky recipients of a non-stop cold and flu virus extravaganzaa the last month that has landed up with 16 visits to Ready Care in 35 days, 2 stays in the hospital for Beatrice and a whole lot of vomiting for Matilda.

With this, came very limited access to Otis, as I didn't care to see any of their plague sicknesses manifest in a newborn.
So it will be very fun to see how their bond continues to grow stronger with him when they aren't relinquished just looking from afar and 'head kisses'.

And Toddler toes. Because I love these two girls so much that even their toes make me smile.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Welcome Otis Reid!

When we found out we were pregnant with our third, I told Nate that I would think about this baby after Christmas because I knew how fast this pregnancy would go. And it did....right up until the end. Where instead of ending, kept going.

Now, I couldn't complain. I was feeling great, not uncomfortable, and enjoying each additional night as a family of four (knowing the chaos that would soon ensue). But the 'delay' did NOT help my denial. Which I think I was in right up until we drove to the hospital, even telling Nate at about 12:30PM that I bet we didn't leave for the hopsital until 8PM.

Well fast forward about 40 minutes and we were leaving for the hospital.

And it wasn't much longer after that, that we welcomed this little guy into our lives and family:

Otis Reid Hanson
January 26th, 8:10PM
8 pounds 5.5 ounces
21.5 inches long

Nate had a feeling the entire time that this one was a boy. And admittedly, I think deep down I really did think it was another girl. Poor Otis is still getting called 'she' and 'her' and referred to with "the girls" but we are trying really hard to get used to all the new boyness.

As we move into the legit baby stage for the third and final time, I can only hope that Otis' personality emulates the birth---predictable and easy. :) He has a sweet personality and has been very patient with many kisses, pokes, prods and bumps from the big sisters. Matilda is obsessed with holding him, and Bea is just downright obsessed....unless one of us is holding him. Then she wants us to put him down and hold her.

We thought it would be such a great idea to do Otis' first bath in the hospital once the girls came to visit. WRONG. Otis screamed the whole time and both girls cowered in my parents' lap and were very concerned with what was going on. Bea still points to Otis' belly button and says "owie". We brought cupcakes to celebrate the arrival of 'baby cupcake' and sang to him.

We changed our boy name about 1 week before we delivered. We landed on Otis Reid. There is no family significance for Otis, but we really liked the name and thought it fit perfect with Matilda and Beatrice. And we were really excited to share my Dad's name with Otis (his middle name). The one thing that Otis didn't fit in terms of 'requirements of Nate' was a good nickname. That was his qualification for the first two. Ironically, upon meeting Otis Matilda had a nickname for him in the first two minute: Odie.  And for Bea, he is still just 'baby'.

We are adjusting our pronouns from she to he and from 'girls' to 'kids'. And learning how to do parenting to a sweet little boy. Otis has blended right into the family and so far has been quite the sport through many pokes to the eye, drive-by paci stealings and a little-to-tight hugs. We are so excited that he is finally here and that our family is finally complete.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Our Trip to Children's

In a twist of ironic fate, my last post about my little Bubonic Bea and sarcasm about her cold that will 'turn into pneumonia' totally and completely came true.

After 4 days of 104+ degree fevers, one trip to urgent care, one trip to her pediatrician and MANY doses of tylenol and ibuprofen, my Mom gut sounded the alarm and I knew I needed to take her back in.

Feeling quite silly, I sit down and explain the symptoms and the Dr. promptly puts on the device that measures oxygen, which Bea fails miserably.  I get to learn how to nebulize a toddler--an experience I have been fortunate enough to avoid up until this point. It helps with the oxygen, but then she crashes about 10 minutes later. Rinse and repeat. Throw in a chest x-ray for good meausre.

Verdict is in, and we are off to Chidlren's hospital (only after pulling the pregnancy and one-car household card to avoid an ambulance ride). 

Good thing we had the most important item with us: Susie Doll.
I didn't have my wallet, a charge in my phone, a diaper bag or anything. Because I was assuming it would be a quick trip to the Ped, get some meds and we would be home.

So with the 10% phone battery I had left, I texted Nate and called my friend Summer (and promptely started bawling) to arrange for some necessities to get to the hospital.

Bea was such a sad baby. I was a sad mama. 
She didn't cry getting her IV in...such a champ, and perhaps just so exhausted she didn't care at that point.
Blood tests came back: bacterial pneumonia. Which was great in the sense that she wasn't contagious and none of us could catch it, but bad in that the antibiotics they had started weren't working.

So 8:45PM, Nate rolls in with a hospital bag for me, stuff for Bea, and I drop the bomb on him.
Sooo...umm...I am having contractions. 
After much logistical scheming, we decided it was best for him to stay with Bea so I could be at home only 4 blocks away from the hospital i am set to deliver at.

To leave this one......ugh. I have decided there is not anything on this planet more sad than a baby in the hospital. It doesn't matter what they are in there for. It's just all around sadness.

Blood tests came back: bacterial pneumonia. Which was great in the sense that she wasn't contagious and none of us could catch it, but bad in that the antibiotics they had started weren't working.

But once they found the ones that did...this girls sprung back into action!

And naturally, the first thing she did the morning after returning home, was to get her doctor kit and perform many tests on Susie doll (who I think was by her side the ENTIRE time in the hospital).

As a fun (fun in hindsight, that is) story: of course Bea took it upon herself when we were in the hospital to essentially REFUSE to go to the bathroom in her diaper. So everytime she had to go (which was a lot because they were pumping her with fluids through her IV), we had to unhook her oxygen monitor, and cart her IV through the hall, get her to keep a mask on and sit her on the potty while holding up all of her cords. 

It was a wild ride, made wilder with the 39.5 week pregnant timing, but thanks to some great friends and amazing care from the staff at Children's we made it. Now I am just hoping we can all stay relatively healthy until this baby arrives. I say relatively because Matilda is coughing, wheezing and complaining of a sore throat today....soo........

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Sick One

After an afternoon of coughing, fever and urgent care, Nate plopped down on the couch tonight and said: "Bea really is a sickly child."

Now, I know that in the scheme of sickness she is closer to the healthy end of the spectrum than the sick end of the spectrum. Our illnesses are not serious. But they are....persistent.

And the bummer about it is that she is a totally different kid when she is healthy (but again, who isn't?), and just when we catch a glimpse of how laid back, silly, independent she is, she catches the next virus du jour and she is sad, unrested, clingy and crabby.

Yes, I definitely miss my Beezy when she is under the weather. Especially, since this little monkey clings to her daddy when she isn't feeling well. But here is the thing.....we are not sleeping in this house. And we have a newborn coming in lets call it under 9 days. 

I am not asking for a miracle of health for the rest of the winter. In fact, I am fairly certain this baby will have whatever whopping cough/pneumonia/flu that Bea currently has before it actually comes home from the hospital. But dear lord, PLEASE let us get a few solid nights of sleep before this baby comes.

And if you can throw in a wake-up call that has 6 in it instead of a 5 that would sure be an added bonus.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Antics

As always, I seem to have a handful of excuses for my lack of blogging and usually they are really good. But this time.....I have to confess. We are deep into season 2 of Homeland, and the only way we can watch it is by hooking our laptop up to the TV. And I am not about to lay my 8.5 month pregnant ass on the floor to blog while we watch it. Sorry people.

But I find myself with a few spare minutes today, and wanted to share some of the holiday antics we have been up to the last month or so...

Thanksgiving was spent in Viroqua and we enjoyed good food, getting to watch Macy's Parade, and then attend our own Twinkle parade. But the highlight of all highlights might have been the pumpkin pie (or for Bea the whipped cream).

We also got to attend a very cute event at a local garden center, where the girls caught their first glimpse of Santa (and lets just say they were okay with the distance between him and themselves). There was a little Santa play which Tillie loved and Bea could have cared less about so we split up and I followed Bea around and sought out some photo op spots.

This girl has the perfect mix of naughty and nice down pat. Just enough of both so that you are never bored.....

Sister Love--or bossiness...sometimes it is hard to tell them apart

"Just look, Bea....just look"

The "I am totally too cool for this" look. We are in trouble for the teen years...

And then amidst fever, chills and other unmentionables, we decorated Christmas cookies. Don't worry--they were not shared with anyone else. We kept our germs to ourselves for this year.

I think Matilda may have been happy to just eat the sprinkles, but eventually got into it.

 Bea tried her best to stick with it. But her fever was higher and her attention span shorter. She didn't really care about eating the frosting or the cookies, but rather was determined to collect and lick every knife we had on the table claiming them loudly as "MISE" (mine).

She is so ready to be a middle child.

Some of the end products

Tillie--hold up your cookie!

I promise you behind that cookie is a very beautiful snowman (with a white blob of frosting and one red hot).

More holiday cheer to come in the next week, assuming we can get healthy-stay healthy-and not cut any more teeth. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Realities of Pregnancy

I haven't really given much thought the impending arrival of Baby #3. I'm sure to some that sounds really flip, untrue, or perhaps like I am a pretty terrible parent.

The truth is that I know this baby will demand so much time and attention when it arrives that I want and need to focus all of that on my kids that are here, live and in the flesh and actually verbalizing their needs (like the BUNNY water, not the cow water. Do NOT bring me the cow water).

So many people have asked me if we have names figured out. No. No we do not. We barely have thought about it. Nate will randomly throw names at me every once in a while and I can't even process the thought of it. So.....we just sort of pretend this baby doesn't need a name. For the first 2 we had names 100% decided upon before going to the hospital. I am sort of thinking instead of name, we will be bringing a name book, or app so we can decide once we are holding the baby.

Have no fear--this baby has a way of making sure I am not totally forgetting about it. From insane acrobatics every night at about 9:45PM to the quite large and in charge belly, I am definitely aware that I am, in fact, pregnant.

Probably the most painful reminder (visually and physically) are these amazingly beautiful vericose veins that have come with each pregnancy. I have one from each pregnancy. And of course, the one I got with Matilda is absolutely gigantic now as it has had three pregnancies to flourish. They hurt my eyes, and they hurt my legs.

And after this morning, you can add my ego to that list.....

I walked downstairs in a dress, and hadn't put my tights on yet. (because lets be honest at 8.5 months pregnant you wait to pull on those suckers until the last minute).

I'm standing next to the table, and Tillie is on the ground coloring. She looks up and says:
 "Ew, Mama, what is that?"
"Well Tillie, that is a vein"
"Does it hurt?"
"It's warm!"
"Yup. I have one on this leg too" (turning to show her the really bad one)
"NOT GOOD, Mama. Not good, mama. You need an ice pack"

At which point she goes to freezer, wraps the ice pack in a towel and follows me around the house applying an ice pack to my leg.

So, any hope that these suckers aren't noticeable is completely gone. Time to embrace them (and also hope they go down after this baby arrives!).