Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reading Machine

The last month of maternity leave has not only been a love affair between Otis and I, but a rekindling of my love of reading. Not that it ever went away, but pre-Otis I could never really seem to muster up the energy to want to tackle a book, choosing to stare at a wall or maybe a TV screen for 45 minutes every night before I went to bed.

But the last month has had me cruising through books. Some bad, some decent and a couple good (depending on what your definition of good is). I am still waiting for my earth-shatteringly good book though....so who has it for me? Who can give me the recommendation that will rock the remainder of my leave and keep the love affair going?

For the record, check out my Shelfair shelf on the right side of the screen. Here is the order I would rank  the books I have read in the last few months:

1) The Girl on the Train
2) Left Neglected
3) Eleanor and Park
4) All The Light We Cannot See
5) Hidden
6) Wreckage
7) Ghost Boy

I am currently digging into a new book from my one selection each month that I get with my Amazon Prime membership (my new favorite membership perk)....

Send me your recommendations!

Friday, May 1, 2015


April was a month of Firsts for us!

Bea had her first Tumbletot experience and I am pretty sure the smile below was the only one that came across her face the entire night. She is NOT a fan of the 'coach' that teaches her class, doesn't understand why she has to wait in line to go on the trampoline, and really just wanted to know why she couldn't be in Matilda's class. She even sat down next to Tillie after her class was over and expected Tillie's coach to give her a sticker.I guess keeping up with the big sister is alive and well in this house.

Otis had his first enjoyable moments under the playmat. Up until a few weeks ago the mere motion to try and put him under this thing would set him off. Now he is pretty impressed with himself that he can reach up and bat the toys. Big stuff, Otis. Big stuff.

Bea also had her first haircut. I know the toddler mullet is a stage that we all must go through but I just couldn't do it anymore. So, in we went. Bea was mesmerized by the TV. For about 2 minutes....
And then the kind soul who tried to cut her hair got close and the tears and tantrum began. Oh Bea....
So we did the cut in my lap and forewent the blow dry.

This is the face of the girl that knows she just got her way....

But so did Mama...the mullet is gone!

It was a BIG first for Matilda too! Her first time riding on a big girl bike. After months of research, I finally told Nate he had to make a decision because at this rate she would never learn how to ride a bike. Off they went to the bike store and came back with this red beauty. Tillie loves it, and honestly picked it up so easy (which of course Nate likes to credit with his research and picking the perfect bike).

She is ready for action and already asking to bike to the park.

Not to be outdone, Bea needed to show us that she can do her scooter all by herself now.

Otis rolled for the first time and got some good giggles. He gives out his smiles and laughs pretty easy. 

And just because this picture is too much, here was the girls' first look at some duck that have moved into our yard and like to perch on our roof.

I mean, the toddler legs. The pre-schooler wedgie. Swoon.