Saturday, November 19, 2011

5 Months!

Time keeps rolling by, and I can't believe Matilda has turned 5 months old.

She met her new pediatrician this week (which we LOVED) and we found out that she tips the scale at 15 pounds 13 oz. So I think it is safe to say this girl is not missing any meals.

Each day that passes, I feel like Nate and I have more and more fun with her. We do ridiculous things to try to get her to laugh, and we love trying to put words to her many different facial expressions.

This last week, Matilda had her first play in the exer-saucer (thank you Marie!), and she loves it. The first time she realized that the wheels made noises she looked like her world had been completely blown away!

She is also waaaaay into her feet. Although it is funny because it's like she only remembers she has them on her changing table and bathtub. When she is in either of these places we literally cannot keep them out of her hands and mouth.

She had her first full week of daycare this past week, and is making lots of friends. The daycare workers seemed pretty happy that they had her smiling by the end of the week. Of course, we heard the classic statement that everyone ALWAYS says when they meet Matilda, "Oh, she is so alert. She has such an intense look on her face."

Yes, we know. Because she is intense. Just like her daddy....right?!?! ;)

Can't wait for this next month to share our first holidays with Matilda and start new family traditions that include her!


KandE said...

Thanks Greta! Really needed a smile tonight and Tillie's little tongue sticking out at the camera sure did it!

Anonymous said...

Can't Wait...Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

See ya guys in a few days!!! Can't wait to have the 3 monkeys in the house!!!