Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Been a Good Month

This weekend was the Badger/Gopher game. We celebrated by starting with the Badger blast. As you can see in the picture below....Nate had plenty of beer (as illustrated by the number of cups he has stacked up). We had a good time with our Badger Buddies Summer and Joe (and the forthcoming Schuster baby).

Today is Nate and I's one month anniversary....something I didn't even remember or think of celebrating. Lucky for me I have a super thoughtful husband, and when I came upstairs tonight this is what was waiting for me:

How lucky am I?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Review of Hawaii: Zipline!

On the 3rd day of the honeymoon, Nate and I did a Zipline Tour on Haleakala (the volcano on the east side of Maui). It was really cool, and definitely an adrenaline rush. They started us on a small zipline (I think it was 250 feet) and then they worked us up to the big one which was 1,000 feet long.

The tour guides were hilarious and definitely made the trip. They were put to good use as they helped slow us down so that we could actually stop on the platform at the other end.
It was pretty funny because we didn't leave on-time due to a group of 4 running about 20 minutes late. I guess they told the guy there was a medical emergency and they had to take someone to the hospital that morning. The tour guide said "oh i'm sure they have kids, and you know how that goes".....but this crew rolls in and they are definitely all in their 20's and looking pretty hungover. So I'm not sure what exactly qualifies for a medical emergency these days, but either way Nate and I got a lot of use out of it all week.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Review of Hawaii: Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is a long, winding road on the north side of Maui that has over 600 curves and 54 bridges. Nate and I used our Maui Revealed guidebook to map out our Tour of the Road to Hana. There were a million things to stop and see so we mapped out what we wanted to see.

One of our very first stops required what was said to be "a 20-30 minute hike". However, what it should have said was "45 minute rock jumping excursion through the jungle." There were lots of spiders, mosquitoes and weird fruit flies. AND we saw some fresh water shrimp. I definitely needed some gently nudging from Nate to make it through to the big payout at the end: a beautiful waterfall, and just the two of us to enjoy it.

Here is the documentation picture that Nate took to prove I actually did this and the water fall (of course it doesn't do it justice..but for affect).

Here was my personal favorite stop of the day: The halfway point where we enjoyed a shaved ice as big as your head. We agreed to split the flavor in half so we could each have what we wanted: Pina Colada and Mango. Yum!

Next, we stopped at Black Sand Beach. This was pretty cool. You can see in the picture that the sand really is black. It was one of the coolest beaches we saw on our trip.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Review of Hawaii: Race Day!

On our first morning in Hawaii, we woke up bright and early and headed out to the Maui Prince Hotel in Wailea where we participated in the Xterra World Championship 5k Charity race. On the way to Hawaii we read a magazine article that said this was the hardest 5k in the country, so I was pretty nervous.

It was definitely the hardest 5k I have ever run in my life, but it was totally worth it. It was one of our favorite memories of the honeymoon. I have also never done a run with such beautiful scenery to take your mind of the excruciating pain in your legs.

The post race feast was amazing with tons of fresh fruit and muffins. YUM! Nate and I got lots of cheering because we wore a bride and groom get-up!

Check-Out those views:

Running up of the many long, steep, rocky hills

After the finish line:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Review of Hawaii: Fun in the Sun

I've decided my first week of entries will feature our recent trip to Hawaii.

Today is all about fun in the sun. Nate and I went on a long walk one day and spent a lot of time goofing around taking crazy beach pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Monday, November 12, 2007

First Post!

So I thought I would get my feet wet with this whole blogging thing by posting a few pictures from Nate and I's wedding. I am sure there will be more of these to come as people continue to send me pics.

Here is the bride with her favorite gals:

And of course the happy couple:

More to come!