Saturday, August 22, 2015

Deerfoot in Pictures

There was fish.
There was sun.
There was a candy shop.
And Donuts.
There were hungover adults.
There were smiles and laugh.
There were cousins.
And Smores.
And so much jumping off of the dock.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Stars and Stripes and "Fireworks"

We kicked off the Fourth with "stars and stripes day' at the Girls' school, and given that Otis is starting so soon, I figured I should start getting him used to theme days and joined him in on the action.

Tickle Monster is a new favorite game. By all parties, until Bea starts doing the 'pinching monster' or 'punching monster'.

We headed to LaFarge for a very traditional small (ie micro mini) town parade filled with vehicles carrying 'princesses', vets carrying flags, fire trucks, and some vehicles that just seemed to want to join in on the action. And SO SO SO much candy. Which we managed to keep a pretty tight lid on for the girls. Bea picked up on how to run out in the street pretty quick, and every time she ran into the street and came back she would say: "no hurt" and Tillie would cheer for her for not getting hurt. 

Oh my children....

Otis, being woken up from his nap to attend, spent the bulk of the parade trying to amputate my arm with his weight and continued nap in my arms.

And then spent more time watching this zebra than the parade.....

We are still not fans of very loud noises....

Or horses that are in the street.....

And this event brought one of my more public nursing moments for this babe....

We had a good ACTUALLY liking a dog in theory and practice moment (versus the typical just in theory).....

And a rare Mama and Otis picture. I love this little boy.

Afternoon Strawberry Shortcake Social. No shortcake for this one but he was still all smiles.

But as you can see the smiles get bigger when the shortcake can be consumed....

Call me crazy, call me mean, you can call me whatever you want, but my kids don't get to stay up for fireworks. 10PM is just NOT happening for a few years. So I bought a couple of 'popits' at Target and some sparklers and at about 6:30PM we had our own firework celebration.

All was great until the very last sparkler when a little ember flew off and nipped Bea on the inner thigh. Sooooo...maybe no 'fireworks' at all. Ever. Again. #badmom

It was a great day--filled with lots of festivities that helped us celebrate. Tillie was certain we would have a big cake for America, and was just slightly disappointed when that didn't happen. There is always next year, right?