Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Belated Christmas

No, we didn't boycott Christmas. Or the more likely scenario--Christmas didn't get canceled this year. It's just a case of the 'on-vacation-lazies'. But on the eve of the first day of work in 16 days, I figured it is about time to get back into a routine.

So that includes Sunday Football, Sunday new recipe, check email, and blog! Which brings me to my recap of Christmas 2010.

There were hardly any presents. Especially for Finn.
 And after he hand selected his first gift from this scant pile, he was content with just that one little package of cars, and really wasn't interested in opening any others for about 30 minutes.  He just took those cars over to the coffee table and lined them up, pushed them around, and talked about how 'cute' they were.
A stand-out gift that had the adults laughing just as much as the kids was the Sing-a-ma-Jigs. If you haven't seen these little guys, they are programmed to harmonized amongst themselves, sing their own songs and just be generally cute. Finn was very interested in showing Leo his new toys.
We enjoyed a very Ekern Christmas on the 26th with all of the Ekern cousins. This meant 3 things:

1) A serious viewing of Packer Football. Do you even see these Tutu's? They are homemade and green and gold. Enough said.

2) A potentially even more serious game of Killer Bunnies. This was a new addition for the 'other' Ekern family.

3) And, more kids in the house. This Grandpa doesn't look like he minds so much.

And there were plenty of firsts. Like, Finn's first taste of (Great) Grandma Ekern's Cranberry slush-the non-alcoholic version of course. He doesn't seem to notice...and I'm pretty sure he had like 3 glasses.

Leo got to have his first taste of CANDY! It is only fair because I let Finn suck on a red vine when he was about 3 months old, so I felt a candy cane was appropriate for Leo. He was concentrating VERY hard.

And Finn's first time being plopped into a giant hole--dug into the snow. Now Nick and Nate both thought this would be so much fun. And if you look very quickly at this picture, it looks like Finn is having a blast. But take a closer look.....and you will see he is really not wanting to be in that hole.

We also had a pretty sweet dance party..prompted by Finn's awesome beat-boxing abilities and his break-dancing skills. I am fully aware this video embarrasingly implicates both Becca and myself, but I think Finn's dancing ability needs to be shared with all.

So that about sums up our Christmas. Fun, Family, Football and lots of  Finn/Leo!!


Anonymous said...

Hope the back to work day isn't too brutal...


Anonymous said...

Ditto! Thanks for the great post. It was a very fun Holiday with family. Love, Mom

Debra Fiterman said...

Hands down my favorite part is Nate's commentary on the video. "That's a move."

Anonymous said...

I am having flash backs to when Reid and Randy would provoke me to shake wiggle and lurch about in the attempt to disrupt any and all motor skills causing me to fall to the floor in a heap. Of course this was followed by the game of who can hit their head on the floor / wall the hardest...Todd you go first.
Uncle Todd...a slow learner...

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the video! Ha! I was going to say exactly what Debra said!! Finn is awesome but Greta those pjs rock my world!