Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Meeting of The Bumps

I feel so lucky to have one of my best friends due just 3 weeks before Nate and I are due. Amy came to visit us this weekend and it was the first official meeting of Baby H (20 weeks) and Baby J (23 Weeks).

We are sure there will be many play dates to come and while the babies themselves were not exactly active, it was a complete chatterfest between Amy and I as we discussed our birth plan (mine is: "Well it has to come out"), nursery design ideas, shop for baby and maternity gear, and talked about all the crazy things we have been going through.

But we also did manage to some non-baby related things too. Like go to a kick-butt Roller Derby bout. My friend, Holly, was in the championship game so we got to cheer her on. Those chicks are pretty hard core. It was fun, and we got ice cream from a guy on a bike, in the middle of winter. Does it get any better?

Even though Amy was cheering for the Bears, it was still really hard to take her to the airport and say goodbye. Seriously, when is someone going to invent some sort warp-speed travel that makes a distance like Milwaukee take only about 10 minutes?

It was a great weekend and clearly all the baby talk made Baby H feel special because I felt it kick tonight! Okay, fine it could have been the Packer win, or the Fun Dip I had just eaten..but whatever the reason it was pretty freakin cool.


Anonymous said...

Gotta like the bump picture!!....You two will have quite the journey together....


Anonymous said...

I HAD to check for a new post this morning at work knowing Amy had been there for a visit. Weekends with friends are so revitalizing. Maybe baby H is going to be a "Little Kicker" OR it could have been the Suga!! Love, Mom

Norwegian Mafia said...

Holy moly! I've been a total slacker and haven't checked your blog for a bit so I JUST saw the derby shout out!! Sooo awesome to see you there! I love when my kewl friends can make it out to derby!

There might be a Minnesota RollerGirls onesie waiting for baby H...not sayin, just sayin. ;)