Monday, January 10, 2011


2012 is approaching people. Birds are dropping dead from the sky. Fish are popping up expired in the water and all hell is breaking loose.

Sure it seems like it doesn't affect you in the balmy midwest because we still have birds in our sky and fish in our water. BUT--have you looked in your trees lately? Because I am here to be the first to report: SQUIRREL-MAGEDDON.

Yes, you heard it here first--squirrels are dropping dead out of the trees in MN.

Here is the proof (not for the faint of heart):

Nate tries to keep telling me that it isn't actually a sign of the apocolpyse, but in fact a sign of a hard winter, but clearly he hasn't been thoroughly schooled on all of the badness that is about to occur in 11 months.

We are talking squirrels here people. They eat nuts for months to get ready for winter. Hard winter, schminter. I mean these squirrels are bigger than my cat. What's next? Miniature ponies dropping over dead?

All I am saying is look alive people. And seriously, watch out for dead stuff falling from the sky, trees, buildings, or anything that could surprise you with a dead animal on your head. I'm. Just. Saying.


Anonymous said...

It is not just bird poop and blue ice falling from the sky one has to be on the look out for. Oh and don't be in a boat on the Chicago river when Dave Matthews and his band drive their bus across the bridge above you.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

I bet the Xmas Eve Hoot Howl migrated to St. Louis Park and SMOKED mr. squirrel....