Monday, January 17, 2011


Ahh..the 19 week ultrasound. A thing of anticipation. Joy. Beauty. Awkwardness?!?! (queue the screeching record sound).

Nothing about the ultrasounds should be awkward. You are fully dressed. You just have to lay there. And a wand goes over your stomach.

And perhaps our tech should have kept her hand over her mouth because everythign she said left me with an eyebrow raised and asking myself: "did that just happen?"

Exhibit 1:   
Nate and I tell her that we don't want to know what the sex of our baby is. And she proceeds to drill us on why, and gives us the classic response that everyone tells themselves if they do find out the sex: "It's a pure surprise no matter when you find out."

And so we have to keep defending our decision to NOT find out the sex. Weird. It was like she had some vested interest in the matter.
Maybe she just sucks at keeping secrets.
Someone should alert her friends.

Exhibit 2:
I ask her if the massive thing outside of the baby was a huge roll of fat. She laughs and says no it was my placenta. One would think that this would be the end of the conversation.
She proceeds to tell us that it is 'uncomfortable for everyone' to give ultrasounds to overweight people. And she emphasizes, the pushing into the stomach, the lack of good pictures, etc, etc.
Nate and I just stared ahead at our baby that was moving around and tried not to add any commentary.

It wasn't all awkward. Parts of it were amazing.
Like seeing little Baby H resting its fists on its chin, deep in thought (or arguably pulling the Finn "suck on my shirt right by my neck to fall asleep" move).
Seeing it drape it's head dramatically over its forehead (Nate said it gets this move from me)
Seeing all 4 chambers of the heart--PUMPING blood. Did anyone even know that they can actually show this in color in an ultrasound? I didn't. It blew my mind.

And of course seeing it flip and dance and kick and wave, and not feel a thing yet but knowing it is all taking place inside of me.

While I know we have LOTS to do in the next 4.5 months, I cannot wait for Baby H to get here so we can meet it!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like everything is moving along nicely....just think how quickly June will come....Fun Times ahead!!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Dad, Can't wait, Love, Mom

Rachel Rosen said...

CRAZY!! Congrats again, I'm so excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Wait til they come out with 3D ultrasound. Or when they make the minature sub with cameras they inject into you for a live feed you can send out. It would be like wombtube or something...hey wait - I might be on to something could have baby friendly temporary tatoos for advertising. "this baby sponsored by General Mills".
Uncle ahead of my time...
Uncle Todd

emily said...

oh, uncle todd.
they ALREADY HAVE 3d ultrasound. ;)

i'm annoyed with your tech. and i'm proud of you and nate for standing strong. the not knowing got me through childbirth. no joke.i just kept on reminding myself that if i could just push it out, i would know whether i was having a son or a daughter. and it was SO WORTH the wait. both times.

again, so thrilled for you!

Anonymous said...

Emily, I should have been more clear...more like a holographic 3D image that is projected and suspended in space in the room with you. Now that is a womb with a view! (I feel the coming of a collective web based groan with that pun...) I can see the ultrasound mfgs creating software titled "Dr Indiana Jones and the Womb with a view"...Ok I will stop now...
Uncle Todd