Thursday, January 6, 2011

Behold the Miracle that is Neti Pot

This is a neti pot.

This special little pot is single-handedly keep me alive. I've always been afraid of this thing, but depsarate times called for desparate measures and lo and last night I am bent over the sink pouring water in one side of my nose and watching it come out the other.

It was weird.

But then, I lifted my head and felt this amazing release of congestion (which came in the form of the most epic nose-blowing scene you have ever seen). But alas, it only lasts for like 2 hours. Long enough for me to fall asleep and then wake up feeling like i am choking because: I. Can't. Breathe.

I carry a cold-toolkit whereve I go:
Kleenex (which is 95% useless save for giving me the impression I trying to blow somethign out)
Chapstick, because I am now a severe mouth breather
A massive cup--filled with chicken broth or tea, because lets face it I can't taste a thing
Thermometer--is it time to start popping tylenol yet?
And my phone in case I literally stop breathing from utter blockage in my face--although that would be a very interesting 911 call.

I despise being sick. And I think last year when I had the flu I said I would rather have a bad cold any day of the week. So wherever the karma gods are: I take it back. I prefer NO sickness any day of the week.

I don't like being a whiny patient. I usually take my sickness in stride and life keeps on ticking. But this one came out of no where and just hit me like a semi--truck.

Extra special kudos to be seriously sweet husband who has made Target runs for said Neti-pot, and tonight's new addition: a humidifier! Get excited. Who has made me tea, soup, picked up my nasty dishes/kleenex/, and kept the house clean these last few days. Let's just say he isn't doing it because I look good....


Anonymous said...

Dr. Todd recommends 2 shots of Jack every 15 minutes til you really don't care anymore...remember I am here to help.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Nate is experiencing the "for worse" part of the wedding vows....What a guy!!! Nate has the early lead for husband of the year...


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Anonymous said...

I agree that being sick is the worst. It is such a waste of time. Hang in there. You are so lucky to have Nate. Love, Mom