Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Listmania: The top 10 things people ask when you tell them your pregnant

Yes, you read it right! Nate and I are expecting and could not be more thrilled to become parents. Now, I told a handful of people early on, a few people trickled in over the last few months and the BIG announcement to everybody (i.e. Facebook) went out yesterday. I have to admit I find it totally awkward to say "i'm pregnant' just in random conversation so thank god for Facebook.

So while my relationship to the people I tell, and when I told them changed, the questions that people tend to ask do not. SO, here is the list, in most popular order of the questions I seem to get asked by most everyone and their respective answers:

1) When are you due?
     This is an easy one. June 15th. Assuming everything goes as it should.

2) How have you been feeling?
     Pretty darn amazing. Sure there was some VERY strong food aversion, especially to anything ethnic, and there was a puke session in my gym's parking lot and NYC hotel bathroom, but other than that I would give this pregnancy an A+.
3) Are you going to find out the sex? 
     Nope. I mean we could...nope.

4) Are you going to keep working?
     I always love this question. First of all, isn't it pretty early on to determine this. And second of all that is kind of a personal question---are you my husband? Then I'm probably  not telling you. And finally, do you even know me? As much as work can frustrate me or exhaust me, I do love to work. So.....yes. I am planning still working.

5) Are you excited?
    Now, I assume this wouldn't be that weird if I was say 55 with grown up children announcing a pregnancy, or a 15 years old. But ummmm...yes. Of course we are excited. That doesn't mean that a fraction of fear doesn't exist but the overwhelming emotion is definitely excitement.

6) Do you want to take any of my baby stuff?
     This was a surprising question that came up very early on in many conversations. Moms who want to get rid of baby stuff. And it's awesome! I mean who wants to buy a bouncy chair that your kid may or may not choose to bounce in for the 3 months it fits in it?

7) Where are you going to put the kid while you are working?
    While it would be great to put my kid in a little play pen by my desk like dog beds at places that allow dogs, I don't actually think that would promote a productive work day. But I am doing the next best thing to it: General Mills Day Care. For. The. Win.
8) Have you had any food cravings?
     Well Nate would say differently, but I think I've only had one craving in terms of the crazy cravings one associates with pregnancy. And it came in the form of pineapple at the grocery story that I started to eat, in the grocery store because quite frankly I couldn't ingest it quickly enough. And I ate the whole thing.

9) What are you going to do with Lucy?
    Weeelllll....TBD. With a cat that is 22 years old, you just gotta play it day by day. I mean seriously now. But we have been discussing options because right now she is the QUEEN of the would-be nursery.

10) What strategies will you employ to ensure you raise a Packer fan in VIking Country?
    Fine, this is not an actual question, but one that Nate and I talk about. Ideas have ranged from negative reinforcement upon purple stimulus, to an over the top Packer Pizza Party every Sunday they play...but I suppose that will only work once they can eat pizza. I am just looking at this as an early opportunity for our child to learn how to avoid peer pressure.

So there is the list. Have other questions? Let me know and I will share the don't ask if you don't want to know :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty exciting stuff Nate and Gert!!! I'm still thinking Hayward is a great name....:)) She would probably get the key to the City some day, and maybe a free musky lure or two..just sayin...

Anonymous said...

She could also be Musky Queen and follow in Maggies shoes! Notice the "she" reference? Whatever gender, nose, eye color, amount of hair :) we will love the little one to death and are so excited to be grandparents again. Just think how exciting our holidays, outings, and vacations will be in the future. Congrats to both of you. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Way to go kids! The fun practice paid off. You are having a boy. I know this by the way you are typing your "l"s. Apparently peer pressure and peerental pressure are two different things. I realize the wombal cerebral cleansing has already started, but perhaps he will be strong like me and stave off all attempts to be programmed as a packer fan. Oh and I got the name...Musky Hunter Hanson. Already has a logo...MH2
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...


Becca said...

Love this!
Spot on with the list and it was fun reading your responses even though I knew MOST of them :)
And you can have as MUCH stuff of ours as you want. I'm already starting a mental list of things of ours that would be good to share.
Might need them back for ONE more go 'round ourselves. TBD of course ;) And I too am EXCITED!!!!!

H.Maxwell said...

CONGRATS!!!! You are adding to your nest :)