Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lazy Life

I know, I know. Where are the Christmas blogs with the festive pictures, and videos of Finn saying "This is Soooo cute" to every gift he opened?

Well, let me tell you about something I call the snowball effect of laziness. I have been off of work since December 17th. Straight. All days without driving into work. Firing up the email chaos. Meeting Madness. etc. etc. etc. None of it.

Now at first, I was highly productive. Cleaning. Baking. Laundering. Wrapping. And then day by day, my motivation to get up and do 'stuff' slowly waned. And yesterday was the pinnacle of laziness. I think I took 2 naps. I ready my book. I watched a movie. I went for a walk with my neighbor.I ate food. I did make it to Spin class which was my major accomplishment of the day.

And so you can see how blogging, and uploading pictures (what.a.chore.) just doesn't fit into that lifestyle.

Never fear, I am back to work on the 3rd, and am hoping I have some muscle memory to doing a million things at once. Either way, my guess is I am in for a seriously rude awakening.


Anonymous said...

I have been better start gearing up or you may just crash and burn come Monday!
Have a great weekend, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

It's gonna smack you in the face like the wet feces laden tail of a cow right after it steps on your foot...yes I know how this feels. I think it would actually make a good Slim Jim commercial...
Uncle Todd