Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Bunny

We see you, Bunny. Hopping around our yard all winter. Chewing on our bushes. Shredding the tender little plants popping up this spring. We've tried chasing you out of our yard. We've even hit you with a water bottle. We've yelled at you. Tapped our window at you. And stomped out onto the deck to scare you away.

And yet, you STILL decide that our backyard is the safest place for this:

Get the picture, Momma Bunny. We don't want you or the likes of you around these parts. You think these FIVE cute little creatures are going to stop us from destroying your comfy little wonderland in our backyard? Just for today, Bunny. Just. For. Today.

Because we have hearts, and clearly Bunnies can be Moms too.


Anonymous said...

Hey...give a mother a break on Mother's Day...even if she is a bunny!!! and then it's "rabbit stew"....but they're so cute!!! Put a fence around the garden and let them live!!!!TOF

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ted has a recipe in his Kill it and Grill it book?
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

does the sniper gun still need to travel???