Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cooking Light: Episode 8

Mamma Mia! It was time for another Cooking Light recipe (we are grossly behind given how much we love this cookbook).

And since we haven't been grocery shopping in about 2 weeks, we REALLY had to scour the book to see what we could make with the meager ingrediants in our cupboards. BUT what we do have is some fresh herbs planted in a shiny new planter that I am currently obsessed with. Can you say basil, rosemary, sage and oregano (oh my!).
So given this fresh ingrediants, and a massive stockpile of canned tomatoes, we took a stab at Cooking Light's Classic Marinara. Now Nate....not a fan. Like our old tried and true homemade sauce (which is barely homemade by the way--meat, tomato paste, some herbs and a flavor packet). I thought it was a nice change of pace personally.
And for a homemade sauce it was QUITE easy, which is always nice.

And oh the leftovers...an abundance of sauce and noodles for the rest of week brings me joy.


Anonymous said...

looks tasty!!! Back from Hayward..was very windy and very tough fishing...but still fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice erbage! Going to try to get my erbs going once we settle the how many pots I can have debate. Last weekend planted 10 tomato plants, hopefully they won't go hydroponic again...they just don't grow well under water...
Uncle Todd