Monday, May 10, 2010


I am officially done with Grad School. Last paper turned in. Final group projects complete. Apparently I am a MBA graduate. So that is done.


But NOW....I need to figure out what to do with all of this new found freedom. It was a revelation on Saturday morning when I woke up and it started sinking in that I had NOTHING hanging over my head that must get done that day. So I did what I would imagine 'normal' people do: went to brunch with girlfriends, stopped over to a neighbors house and ended up running a few errands together, cooked dinner wtih my husband and watched a movie. FAB!

But that is just one day...and so I have started making a list of what all I may possibly want to do now that I have this new found freedom....

1) Read more. I have almost 200 books sitting on my shelf that I haven't read. I counted them this weekend.
2) Decorate. We've been in our house for 3 years, and there are still so many things I want to do to spruce it up a little.
3) Plant our 'double the size' garden.
4) Take a photography class.
5) Get all artsy/craftsy. I have ripped off some inspriation from Etsy, NYC street artists etc. And I want to see what these hands can do.
6) PURGE....we are just two people. How do we have so much stuff? Time for it to go.
7) Visit with friends. Rachel? Amy? Who is up for a visit?
8) Run more. My training for this half is sub-par. Next one, I want to do speed drills and really train hard.
9) Do Girl Date Night with Katie, exploring this great city via girlfriend fun.
10) RELAX! Go to bed at a normal hour. Watch TV without emailing, typing, reading, etc WHILE 'watching'.

Nate keeps adding to it so we'll see what actually happens. Perhaps all. Perhaps none. Perhaps I will just work more. Hopefuly not.

I look forward to spending lots of time with Nate before he goes back to school for the summer semester. Lots of cooking, biking, fun to be had.


Anonymous said...

I suggest removing a wall or demo a bathroom. Gives you a chance to aquire some tools and skills. Get yourself a stud finder to locate the studs to cut...of course Nate will have to leave the room as it will always point to him :)
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Add Crappie Jerking to your list!!! You need to develop superior wrist strength to set the hook on those yummy characters....CONGRATS on the MBA...should be a fun party coming up!!


Anonymous said...

Work on plans for the re-design of the kitchen. Relax more. Keep the list at 10 items! And.........definately DO NOT Work More, Love, Mom

Debra Fiterman said...

I want to go on a girls date!!

Anonymous said...

ME ME ME!!! Rae Rae is up for a visit! I vote for #7!

Anonymous said...