Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Club Bliss

I have the best book club in the world. Sorry, but I do. I'm sure there are people out there that love their book club. But not the way I love mine. If I were to enter a contest entitled: Best Cook Club in the World, I would win. Hands down.

Exhibit A: We all actually love reading, read the book and (and this is a critical component) actually discuss the book.

Exhibit B: We are fun, and nice people (also a key part).

Exhibit C: We do really cool stuff. Like our Holiday "Bring-A-Friend" event, and new this year: Book Club Offsite, also aptly named Book Club Spring Break.

Can you argue this?
Linda, the 25 year-old at heart, member hosted us in her home in Naples, Florida this past weekend and it was BLISS. Every morning we had a scrumptious breakfast, and then headed out to the 'office' where we would partake in chatting, floating in the pool, swimming in the pool, drinking in the pool, eating in the pool,(do you sense a theme here). Ironically, there was very little reading actually done (until the flight home).

And when we weren't in the pool, we were enjoying amazing dinners in downtown Naples. Linda invited us to her "dinner party" the first night at a great restaurant, and treated us all to an amazing dinner and a GIGANTIC drink (which was delicious even if it caused our stomach to make whale mating noises)...

Throughout the weekend, about every other hour one could hear a phrase along the lines of "This is the best", "I love our book club", "I love you guys" was like one big best man speech after another. And it was brilliant.

We reminisced about all of the great books (and stinkers!) of book club past, the graveyard of book club members past, and started brainstorming all of the cool things we can do in the future (Spouse Appreciation event coming soon!).

Debra and Linda (the Mother/Daughter dynamic duo of our group) were so much fun to be around. They have such a special relationship which is apparent from the moment you are around the two of them together. The book club wouldn't be the same with out both of them. Together.

And what would a vacation be without dessert? Naples does ice cream right. Although I wouldn't know..I stuck to CANDY..........

I look forward to the next 20 years of book clubs with these fun ladies (and Katie and Lindsay too!)...more weddings, babies, and all life throws at us. Discussing it through books, over dinner, and through great times like this.


Debra Fiterman said...

I have now read this entry like 3 times which probably makes me the dorkiest book club member ever. As great of a recap as this was, it simply does not do justice to the real thing! Long live book club ladies....xoxoxoo

linda said...

Ditto to everything Greta said and more. They were so kind to the old lady (me ) and put up with some of my schticks common to us "old folk". Still can't believe I'm part of such a group of YOUNG amazing gals. My recommendation to anyone over the age of 50 is to acquire a group of hip fun & compassionate young friends like I have. Yes I too LOVE my book club!!!!!!!

Rachel Rosen said...

Viva la Book Club!!