Friday, May 14, 2010

Beware of the ENFJ

I had a “managing people” training course this week at work and we did ALL sorts of fun personality assessments, work-style programs, etc. OF course this included the ever-famous Myers-Briggs assessment.

It had been since my Freshman year of college since I had done this, so I was super curious to see what “I would be”….and can I just say whoever came up with this fancy little assessment knew what they were doing because they NAILED me.

For starters, things you may notice about an ENFJ (i.e. me) upon first introduction:
- Are enthusiastic, energectic, involved with the people around them
- Take interest in others, outgoing, engaging, gracious, comfortable with others
- Expressive—self revealing
- Reliable, responsible, persistent.

Sound familiar anyone? (ummm like my persistent pleas to get my sister to use foursquare??)

And then come the knock-out "you nailed me" statements:
- prone to take things personally even when they aren’t meant to be  (what me? Never)
- impatient with others not as quick to act as they are (Ding ding ding!)
- eager, and sometimes overwhelmingly enthusiastic of ideas and requests (WHOO HOO!)
- Sometimes inflexible regarding their own values or what is ‘best ‘ for others (actually, I am really quite flexible, can even still do the splits).
- difficulty staying in the present due to over-extending themselves (Nooo...this is why I could never pay attention in school)
- like things to be organized, and their work to be planned (Listmania anyone?)
It’s like these people have a crystal ball into my soul. Except it is a secret soul that I didn’t even know I had but yet describes me so perfectly. Hmmm….kind of scary.

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Anonymous said...

Let them analyze your old dad...I'll send them screaming off into the night...never to return...