Sunday, February 3, 2013

Parting Shots

We are home.
Back to reality.
Which means cold temps, snow, a house to clean, a fridge to fill, and oodles of work emails to sift through.

It also means we survived our two hours drive to Miami, a flight to ATL, followed by another flight to MSP. Tillie did well considering how long of a day it was an how little sleep she was going on. We had a few moments on the plane, but all handled it well. (although I was most surprised by how I handled her meltdown vs. her meltdown itself).

And while it is always sad to see a vacation come to a close, I will say it is nice to be in my own bed, and to not have Matilda in our room---that girl makes a LOT of noise when she sleeps--complete with nighttime serenades of ABC's and Baa Baa Black sheep when she wakes up.

Here are a few snapshots worth remembering as we close in on the impending reality that will present itself tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

those eyes sure look brown Nate....