Monday, February 25, 2013


There is little better than getting to spend quality time with friends that you miss dearly. While distance and let's call it "life pace" keep me from talking and seeing many of my friends as often as I would like, it isn't because they aren't constantly in my thoughts. This probably sounds like a really bad excuse, but it is one of the realities I have come to grips with as I continue on my motherhood journey.

So, when you have a friend that totally gets the reality of the above because they are living the exact same thing it is a blessing. But also a little of a curse because you take that pace of life and multiply it by 2. One of my dear friends, Amy, called me up a few weeks ago and was really wanting to get a visit on the books before #2 arrives.

So she, and her similarly aged little guy made the trek all the way from Milwaukee and we had a wonderful weekend filled with Toddler giggles, cries, "MINE!", and ultimately a few precious hugs and kisses.

In classic toddler form, Matilda took STRONG interest in toys she hadn't blinked at for the past 2 months, and of the toys that Paddy brought with him, she really only wanted 2--both his snuggle lovies. But they worked it out. Paddy is a HUGE talker and was very good about letting me know that Tillie shouldn't be dumping her cereal out of the bowl and onto the floor.

Now if only he could get her to listen--I would hire him to come do some effective discipline. We did lots of fun stuff--brunch out, story time, Wild Rumpus, Children's Museum, outdoor walks and parks. We stayed busy and tired those babies out so we could put our feet up at night.

Which brings me to the title of this blog post. There is nothing cuter than two babies in a bathtub together..

Take a look at this next picture of the two kids 'swimming' in the bath. 

Paddy Jr. may be almost 3 months older than Matilda, but Matilda's booty looks like it is about two full sizes bigger than his. I mean...LOOK.AT. THAT.THING.

I fully realize that Matilda will probably never forgive me for this post, but it just had to be shared. She has the thunder just like her Mama. 

The other amazing feat that happened this weekend was that we got a good picture of all four of us. You wouldn't think this would be that amazing, but what you don't know is that Amy and I share a long history of being incredibly unphotogenic while taking photos with one another.

There were so many other good pics of the weekend but they were all on my phone and I can't figure out how to get them off. So picture lots more adorablness of Paddy and Tillie.

Thank you for coming to visit us, Amy!!! You departure only makes me wish we lived closer. Tillie misses her buddy Paddy!


Anonymous said...

Great to see Px's of Amy and Paddy!!! You guys will have to plan a Vernon County get together again!!!


Amy J said...

Love the title! Ha ha I was hoping wasn't referencing my girl scout booty I've acquired in the last month, whew! We did do a lot, wow thanks so much for the really fun filled weekend. It's great to have friends even with lil ones and another lil one on board who are up for anything! Sneak in the last of the weekend naps while you can. Paddy and I miss you already too. Paddy picked a little something up from Tillie..."Paddy go bye bye" and then proceeds to put on his boots "Boots on!" and hat "Hat on!". Funny kids.

Anonymous said...

If you can't embarrass (pun intended with this word in reference to the title), then you are not doing your parental job right.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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