Sunday, February 10, 2013

All in a Sunday

We had a particularly chock-full day today, which is good since we need to be getting as much fun and work done as possible each day before this baby arrives.

I"m not sure if Tillie likes arts and crafts because she gets to do them every day at daycare, because we do them at home or she really likes to do them, but no matter the reason it seems to be our go-to activity when Matilda gets up very very bright and early.

One of my very few New Years resolutions, was to start DOING some of my pins on Pinterest or stop pinning. And the reality is that so much of Pinterest is very simple inspiration, but it takes some level of planning and organization/remembering to do them. So call me crazy, but now I have a list on my phone reminding me of what I need to get to make some of the Pins happen, or just reminding me of the ideas.

I have a whole "matilda play" list, and one fo the ideas we did this morning and she seemed to love it. Simply drop some globs of paint into a baking pan/cookie sheet, let her go to town with her paint brush and/or hands and then press a white sheet of paper on top of it. Viola! Masterpiece:

We decided to be true Minnesotans and ignore the winter weather warning advisory (don't tell Grandpa Christmas cancellor) and headed to St. Paul for the Children's museum. Matilda loved grocery shopping, checking out her groceries (but please do NOT help her).....

She also concocted the below for us to eat for dinner in the play kitchen...
Who wants to come over?
While the drive there was easy peasy, the drive back was a little dicey. But we got back in time for a quick lunch and down for nap.

That is when the craziness hit the kitchen. We got dinner prepped and ready for Monday and Wednesday night, and started on dinner for tonight. We tried a new recipe on Pinterest (another notch in my NY resolution..), that was AMAZING. SO freaking good...Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Orzo Pasta. We paired it with steak. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Click HERE for the link to the recipe. As an added bonus, Matilda also loved this side-dish, cementing that this will become part of our rotation.

In other news, we successfully went out on a date Saturday night and had the neighborhood girl feed, play and put Tillie down with no incident. I honestly think it is because she is relatively petite in size and height, so Matilda viewed her as 'one of her people' vs. a scary strange adult. Either way. We will take it. Cramming in as many dates as possible before March 28th!


Anonymous said...

Frame this thing, display with a special spot light, have some weird guy stand around and stare at it...Sell for $1,000,000...deposit for Menards place

Anonymous said...

that was dad leaving that comment....

Anonymous said...

In the Rorschach test I see a unicorn on fire balancing on a ball.
Is that correct?
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

So I tried the orzo. I am so my mothers son...The toasting of the orzo went well and then I went to add the vegitable stock and found out I had creme of basil soup. Too late I added some and tossed in more wine to compensate. (I dont get the concept of dry wine as liquids are wet so I had a cheap sweet wine). I didn't find fresh basil so I had basil in a tube, which when I squirted it out gave me a flash back to when Reid and Randy talked me into eating a tobacco worm. Those of you outside of Vernon county may have to look that up on the interweb. I then tossed in some shrimp. For such a small box that orzo comes in it sure makes a lot of pasta...and it was tasty last night and this morning for breakfast.
Uncle Todd