Thursday, February 28, 2013

Old Habits Die Hard

As a younger girl, I LOVED the first day of school. Getting new books. New notebooks, and pens. But most of all, I adored getting my syllabus for each class.

Cracking open my paper planner, and writing in assignment dates, homework dates, and more.

Getting oodles of meeting notices coming through from work doesn't totally make me feel the same way. I'm not sure why since the equivalent of work to a teenager is school. But it doesn't matter anymore because the void has been filled!!!!

Enter in Tillie's new daycare.

Each month, they send out a calendar of events, a newsletter and a menu. All 3 FILLED with opportunity of future fun, to-do's and check-list fodder.

The only difference is instead of my daily planner, I open up my Outlook calendar and go to town.

Send a letter Wednesdays? Reoccurring meeting set up. Check.
Pancake Breakfast?  Sure! Where do I sign up to volunteer to help?
Dress as your favorite Storybook character? Done.
Spirit Week? Let me just make note of what each day's theme is.

And I print out the menu and check-it when we menu plan each week to make sure that she isn't getting the same thing for lunch and dinner.

The really sick thing is that come the end of the month, I am actually thinking about and excited to get next month's newsletter and calendar email. It is sick and wrong.

And I happily own it. I am a nerd. An anal nerd. An anal over-organized nerd.


Anonymous said...

A swirley may help.... :)
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Must have got it from your dad...gotta be organized...


Marna said...

I know we are not blood related, but we do think alike:) And I'm pretty sure that both of my girls feel the same way:O)