Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Love

We started our Valentines Day off with a whole lotta love from Tillie.
We got to enjoy her for an extra long time before heading to work since she woke up at 5:30AM...

Lucky us. ;)
It gave us plenty of time to play with our Lovely Lioness.

Tillie's Daycare threw a Valentine's "dance" complete with some great music  that even I could get my dance moves on to. Although it did give me a weird feeling thinking about the lyrics of "If I Were Your Boyfriend by Bieber in relation to my not-yet-two-year-old/

The only problem was the Tillie was pretty overwhelmed by the whole scene. All of the older kids, the parents, the noise, etc. So it was less dancing, and more finger sucking/ear holding and swaying.

We did manage to get her face painted (the woman doing this was literally a magical face painter--it took her about 2.3 seconds to get a heart on Matilda's face)...

And she warmed up to the heart cut-out photo-op..

Then, we headed out for a family date night of Noodles, and a special Valentine's Day bath complete with heart foamies and dyed ice cubes that turned the water purple/pink/red. Tillie got quite a kick out of it...

And once the babe was in bed, the real date began:
Badger Basketball
In bed by 10.

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Anonymous said...

At least they didn't play Freebird...
Uncle Todd