Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Find My iPhone

Nate has many nicknames in our house--one of which is "sir looks-a-lot" because his 'looking skills' are (ahem..) lacking at times. For example: "are we out of cottage cheese?" stated while looking directly at the cottage cheese.

So, when he asked me if I had seen his phone on Sunday morning after returning from Florida, I didn't think much of it. So he 'looked' and then asked me to press the alert on the "find my iphone" app.

Have you heard of this? If you own an iPhone this is a must have app...

Let me illustrate for you why this app is awesome:
1) You can put it on all of your devices so if you LOSE one of your devices you can play a noise to help you find it. 

2) You can track it via GPS to see where it is--note: you need to have your devices synched to do this. For example, our iPAD and each of our phones are all connected so when Nate loses his phone, I can look it up on my phone to find it.
         *Note: this also comes in handy when your husband says he is on his way home on his bike, and it is negative 20 degrees and it takes him too long for comfort so you are afraid he is dead on the trail.

3) If you do lose your phone, you can lock it, and wipe it clean from any other device that is synched.

ALL of these features came in handy on Sunday when we realized Nate's phone was gone.

Step 1: Play the loud beeping noise multiple times. No dice.
Step 2: Track via GPS--only to find the phone is NOT actually at our house, but in a less than desirable part of Minneapolis.
Step 3: Lock phone and deliver a message that shows up on the 'lost screen' that says this phone is lost, and gives a phone number to call.

We quickly figured out that this was either our taxi cab driver or someone who was in the cab after us, and Nate was very quick to want to go and knock on the door to ask for his phone back (which I was not a huge proponent of given my interest in having my husband be alive for the birth of our second child).

But, the universe proves that there ARE still decent people in this world. Our cab driver did eventually call us back, told us he had the phone and met us to return it. All he wanted in return was for Nate to call his boss to let him know he is 'one of the good ones', which we will do as well as gave him a thank-you reward.

Nate would have been rocking an old-school phone had it not been for this app though...so get it! :)


Anonymous said...

In Nates defense while one can knowingly gaze at the container of cottage cheese it still could be empty hence you have no cottage cheese. That app you type of is the first useful thing I have heard about a buttaphone. They need to add a feature (maybe this can be done already) when a "un-friendly" does not give the phone back you could call in an airstrike with the coordinates...or send in some Vernon county Amish mafia.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Lt. Leave Behind got his phone back! Love, Mom

KandE said...

LOL - must be a boy thing. Kevin's always "looking" for things but not really looking.

Nate Hanson said...
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Nate Hanson said...

Follow-up Question: Seriously, are we out of Cottage Cheese?