Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We All Scream for.....

When we departed on vacation, my Mom gave me one simple request: she wanted to find an ice cream shop and get Matilda an ice cream cone.

A pretty simple request to execute and approve.  And Tillie did not mind this very special treat (although to be fair it did end up being frozen yogurt).

She was feeling very independent and wanted to do it As in most things these days.

 And she held onto that cone until the very last drop was gone. It was a vice grip of death.
All done with a giant smile.
Family "Cool Dudes" photo
Then we headed to the little saltwater lagoon to burn off some of that sugar.
Tillie has very sensitive feet. A wet spaghetti noodle will literally halt this girl in her tracks (not even joking). So we have been in sandals and water shoes most of the trip.
But we thought it would be good for her to feel the sand between her toes, so stripped off her shoes...
"Ummm...Mama? This feels funny"

"Does anyone care that I have sand on my toes?"

"Very, very slowly"

"I'll stand here, but don't make me move."

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Anonymous said...

Grandpa gets to give her the first Old Milwaukee a few years of course....Her sensitive feet crack me up....


Only 9 inches here yesterday....