Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Growing Up

Today was the first day of work where Matilda didn't get to come with me. I realize how spoiled I have been to get to keep her with me until the last possible second before heading up to work. To be able to pick her up the second I finished up my last item on my to-do list.

She is going to a place in our neighborhood, so the drop-off came to quick today. I didn't get to hear her sing in the car, watch her read books in her car seat, or wake her up after a quick cat nap. I didn't get to carry her in through General Mills, waving to the Doughboy, hearing her say hi to everyone that passes.

Instead, I drove 3 blocks (just enough time for her to pull her hat off), and we were there.

My worry and anxiety about this transition has (so far) been for naught. Matilda was SO excited when I pulled her out of the car and she saw we were headed back to the place we visited last week. She saw kids playing in the gym with giant legos and her "OH MY GOSH" face lit up.

And we walked into her room, where she for a oh-so-and-maybe-too-brief second paused to come over to my leg and then she was off. With her new friends. New teachers. New toys. New things to be learned. And I was equal parts so incredibly proud of her and so incredibly sad as the realization of how big she is getting set in, and how fast time is going (and why hasn't anyone invented a time freezing machine yet)?

And then I drove away.

And started concocting a plan for how Nate and I can strike it rich and both of us can quit our jobs and play all day. The plan still has a few holes in it, but I'll keep working at it, because this age is just too fun to bear missing any moments.

Can you tell how much Matilda loves her Daddy??


Anonymous said...

Til has lots of love for both of you. It looks like she had a fun send off this morning. I can't wait to hear more about her new freinds and adventures. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Tillie will be the hit of the new day care!!!! Many new activities and friends!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Til!!!! Big girl and big Sis right around the corner!!!!Can't wait to hear about all your new adventures!!! Love,TOF