Friday, January 25, 2013

All Porked Out

While this blog could be a commentary on my growing belly, it is not.
Last weekend, as we took turns escaping our germ-ridden home, Nate volunteered to do the menu-planning and grocery shopping.

And he came home with a massive pork shoulder.

Hunks of meat are not my thing. Or in my top 500 things.
"But it was only $8....!" the husband exclaimed. Plus, lets be honest he knew I would not be touching that thing.

I was skeptical that we would actually get 'our money's worth' since leftovers tend to sit in our Friday for all too long for comfort.

But between Pork BBQ Sliders, a Pork Enchilada Bake and Pork Carnitas we did a pretty good job with it. I'm not going to lie--I could go without pork for a good month, but I have to hand it to Nate.

He made me eat my words...literally.

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Anonymous said...

meat good!!!
Uncle Todd