Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lend Me Your Ears

Friends, Romans, Countryman,
Matilda demands your ears.

Not, not for listening.
For comfort.

Comfort, you ask?
Well, yes.

Up until about a month ago, Matilda would be perfectly content to suck her two little fingers, snuggle in your lap and play with your fingers while reading a book.

Now, you can argue that the playing with fingers thing is also kind of strong, and I would have to agree with you to an extent.

But now, this ear thing has come about and it makes finger-playing seem like a totally normal pastime. Matilda will literally move your face side to side, play with both ears and assess which one is worthy of her.

It's not just anyone's ears that will suit her either. It is typically Daddy's, but mine will do in a pinch.
Apparently Grandpa has some pretty stellar ears as well.


Nate Hanson said...

I might add that I am pretty sure Matilda was watching the Westminster Dog Show while lounging casually on my stomach... don't mind me Matilda

Anonymous said...

...and the other guys in the shop are wondering why I am laughing out loud...great video! I wonder what would happen if you put an elephant head or at least the ears on? Sensory overload?? I did the same thing as a kid but it was the nylon on the edge of a blanket or a nylon jacket. Just rubbed it betwixt my digits. You won't find an "APP" for that these days.
Uncle Todd

Emily said...

Loving the skinny jeans and the pigtail practice! <3