Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sick Day

For working parents, we have been super lucky to have only had 1 day with Tillie out of daycare this in the past year and half. Until this Monday, where it was clear that based on the weekend, and what was still coming out of her bottom end, she should not be attending.

See these eyes.....they are saying--if I go to daycare I may just cry all day.

So Nate and I whipped out our phones and played a game a calendar roulette. Who had what meetings when, and whose were most important, least missable. I"m not sure who you call the winner or loser of this...but I ended up at work and Nate stayed at home with Tillie.

The good news was that she had gone from lap-dog sick...

To 75% of the Tillie we know and love. Except for the fact that she really is still not interested in anything but water---and cheese for whatever reason.

Daddy Daycare was a hit and a huge success as he kept her busy with lots of fun activities. Which was good because it was freezing cold and this girl really really wanted to go outside since she had been cooped up all weekend.

So, with the out of doors not being an option, they traced animals....

Put felt letters into blocks, and moved them from big boxes to small boxes...

Played with wooden blocks...
Painted. You make look at the picture below and wonder if Nate taped Matilda's mouth shut. This is not the case, but rather a MUCH more logical explanation. When Matilda sees masking tape (which is what we use to tape down the sheet of paper for painting) she wants us to rip a piece off and make her a mustache. I kid you not.

And finally, further proving my theory that you literally cannot let this child do something ONCE that you don't want to fight forever....after two days of being sick and having the TV on (which is never is when Matilda is up), Matilda was addicted to TV. The problem is she can reach the power button on the side of the TV so she can turn it on at her will. Nate fought it all morning and then finally put it on Public Access TV so that if she turned it on, it was playing old school polka music.

That didn't deter her.

Needless to say the TV is now just unplugged.

So now we are back to work, back to daycare, back to the regular routine of life.
Except for the appetite. Water and Cheese still prevail as the food of choice......Not my first choice of food after vomiting everywhere, but what can I say, she is a Sconnie at heart.


Anonymous said...

Tillie should be back at 100% for your vacation!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the munchkin is better and ready to travel to a warm climate...ENJOY and keep Grandma busy so you two can relax...soon won't be days to relax!!!!TOF