Sunday, January 27, 2013

Travelin' Girl

At risk of jinxing our travel home, I have to say that Matilda did AMAZING on the way to vacation. We had a whole backpack filled with 'tricks' to get her through the almost 4 hour flight, and the only one we had to pull out was 2 books to help get her to sleep.

It was our first full-day today, and the weather didn't totally cooperate but that didn't slow this girl down.
We splashed in the Toddler Pirate ship....

Then we moved to the big pool after an almost 3 hour nap. I thought for sure Matilda would be a little leery of this as well, and she proved me wrong yet again.

Before we left on vacation, we had to print some family photos off for Tillie's new daycare and we realized that we literally have SIX photos of all 3 of us in 2012, so we decided it was a must to try to capture some of the 3 of us before we become a family of 4. Here was our first attempt:

We went for a very fun dinner tonight and Matilda had a TRUE smorgasboard: a whole grain roll, some french onion soup, some mahi mahi, some shrimp and noodles in garlic sauce, some green beans and zucchini, a taste of grouper, and an entire ear of corn. We were extremely concerned about the welfare of her gastro-intestinal track by the end of the meal.

We kept asking her if she was all done and she kept saying no. Until finally, Nate rodeo-clowned her into drinking some water and we quick hid the remaining food........clearly she is making up for last weekend.

More fun in the sun to come tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hey don't be eating the Grouper. They are friends to scuba divers. They act like dive guides swimming along side of you and if you linger too long in one spot they circle around wave a fin in your direction as if saying come on I have more to show you. Go for the lobster as they are edible and tasty cockroaches of the sea.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Way to pack it in Til!!! I'm sure she will be having more fun pool time!!!!


Becca said...

LOVE the family picture.
Tillie looks so grown up.
And Grandma looks like she is having a blast in the pool.
SO fun.
Post more. :)