Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sad Eyes

This weekend was the type of weekend you look forward to more than normal:
Playdate with great friends
First Swim lesson of the season
DATE NIGHT with a babysitter lined up (perhaps the 2nd time this has actually happened in 19 months)
Brunch with some of your dearest friends

This weekend ended up being more like this:
Wake-up every 2 hours
Strip the crib
Strip the baby
Clean up puke or diarrhea
Try to get baby back to bed
Hold baby all day long
Talk to triage nurse
Feed baby water through syringe

Here's the thing---looking into Matilda's sad sad eyes broke my heart.
And 99% of me was REALLY bummed that our super fun weekend had come to a screeching halt.

But 1% of me (and it was a very small 1%) soaked up and savored every second that this child laid on me, hugged me, rubbed my ear, and caught a snooze on my chest. Because I realize that she is getting older and 'busier' but also that Baby GH is on her way, and pretty soon my lap is going to have to be shared. So while we are one exhausted family, I am also one filled-up mama.


Anonymous said...

Dang, I hope the Tillster is feeling better soon!
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Till is on the mend...Grandpa is shaking the bug also...