Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We hit up the Pride Parade this weekend, mostly because I had heard that The Firm (our gym's) float was always off the hook, but also because it was absolutely gorgeous out and I was 99% sure that this parade would be throwing candy.

Guess who was right? SCORE!

You know what else got thrown into the crowd? Pop Rock candy that was actually a vodka shot.
AND, full size bottles of mousse. Which by the way is actually NOT a good idea as I almost lost my entire bottom row of teeth when it nailed me in the face. Yup, that happened.

There were plays off of movies--brokeback anyone?

And just in general, fun outfits. Yes this mans paddle says SPANK

All of the local companies came out to support. From General Mills to Target I am pretty sure EVERY company was represented. (It was a looong parade). But we scored some sweet Cub Foods bling....just what every person needs.

And The Firm did not disappoint. It was the very last float of the entire thing, and pretty much brought down the house. Diva Doug was in all of his glory.

And as I watched the Firm's float go by, filled with half-naked dancing men, I was filled with PRIDE to be a part of a gym that is so welcoming of everyone, all shapes, sizes, races, orientation. A gym that can kick your ass and make you have fun while doing it.  


Anonymous said...

How Fun, and very glad you didn't get some teeth knocked out! A weekend with Amy had to be a blast no matter the weather or event. Another fine example of all the choices a city has to offer - and you explore them. Thanks for the fun blog posts and can't wait to see you both. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Is this pride as in gay pride?
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

ain't even going to go there.....