Thursday, June 3, 2010

College Wish Come True

UW-Madison. Known for it's gorgeous campus. Amazing Union. Fabulous Football games. Work hard, play hard. Anyone that went to Madison knows that you haven't really graduated until you have had your picture taken in Lincoln's lap at the top of Bascom. I, being a December grad, did not get to sit upon his fine lap as it was a blustery cold day when I graduated.

Imagine my delight when Rachel casually mentions that she too, has always wanted to get a picture with Lincoln. So we climbed Bascom, reminiscing the whole way up about days of sledding on trays, and trekking to class gone by. As we approached Mr. Lincoln we realized what a feat it was to actually get up there. Thank God we had Nate with us, so that we could get our triumphant picture that is the capstone of our experience at good old UW.

We quickly learned that Abe gets quite hot in the sun. Ouchee.
Nate was not deterred. He was Mr. Model up there, striking all poses possible.

Now that we had officially graduated (yay us!), we could take in the rest of the city as all alumni do. The best Farmers Market in the country, and a little Terrace action!

I miss Madison. I miss college. But I suppose if I went back I would just be old at this point.
As Nate says, there is always Law School.....


Anonymous said...

Abe a claus...tell me what you want for Christmas new college graduate.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Mad Town.....seems I have a hazy memory of messing with Abe sometime back in the 70's...

Anonymous said...

That was dad with he hazy memory, must still have it if I can't remember to sign off...

Becca said...

So cute!
I miss Madison too.
All the time.
Lucky to have Drill as a reason to get there often.
Those were the glory days you know?
Tough not to miss it.
You and Rae Rae are so freaking cute.