Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cooking Light: Episode 12

In the last couple of months, Nate and I have had the insatiable desire for hot sandwiches. It's weird right? I mean it's summer, the time for light and refreshing food. Not hot and melty sammies. But if I could toot our own horn (and mostly just Nate's horn), we are quite good at the hot sandwich.

I am typically the idea generator. The sandwich mixologist if you will. But the real magic comes in when Nate puts it together in the perfect way, and toasts it just so. Give us a toaster over and we can give you a delectable sandwich. Or even give us a broiler. We can make that work too.

But, give us a grill.....and that is where the problems start to come in. Enter this weeks Cooking Light recipe: Classic Panini with Proscuitto and Fresh Mozzarella.

Now to be fair, I may or may not have mis-interpreted the directions on how exactly you were supposed to achieve the golden brown sandwich that the recipe promised.

Either way, this meal ended quite abruptly with Nate having a minor meltdown about how this 'just wasn't working'.  The end result was still relatively tasty, albeit a little heavy on the carcinogens.

But I think we will stick to our trusty little toaster oven from now on, and keep the grilling to meat and veggies (and fine the occasional pizza).


Anonymous said...

been working on my pizza on the grill skills...first one was just like mom used to burn...while working on the next one I did manage to eat the burnt train wreck...that's why you cook with beer, it makes the mistakes more palatable.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the tried and true method is the best, but is still fun to try new things. I'd much rather experiment with baking sweet deliciousness. Love, Mom