Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How Hard Can It Be?

From 8 cups of water a day to flossing, there are so many little quips you hear about what you should do to be your healthiest, best, be younger/faster/stronger longer. And beyond the should do's, there are the  I wonder if I could do's.

Like when my sister challenged herself to run every day for 30 days. Or more recently, my friend Summer gave up all plastic bottles and baggies. Both not a mandate to live longer, but an interesting  challenge to see if you can make a difference that will stick.I've been thinking about this for probably 8 months and haven't felt like I have the 'full story' built for how to do this on the blog but decided to throw a well-planned idea out the window and jump in.

Here's the deal: Every month Nate and I will tackle one of these 'common truths' or a wacky challenge just to see if we can. And we will report back on how painful (or hopefully easy it was) to stick to it. We have a bunch of ideas (or rather I do...Nate is probably learning about this as he reads this post...get pumped honey!), but feel free to leave any ideas you may have in the comments section.

So here goes---this months "How Hard Can it Be?" is to not eat past 8PM. (Obviously we'll start tomorrow as I sit here at 9PM munching on popcorn).

Now to be honest I don't really know why one isn't supposed to eat past 8PM. I'm sure it has something to do with metabolism, weight-loss, blah, blah, blah. And the reality is it doesn't really matter. I just want to see if we can do it, because let me tell you the 9PM treat is prevalent in the Hanson household. From popsicles to popcorn....there is usally some sort of bedtime snack around.

But not for the next 10 days. Why 10 days? Becaues it sounds good, and that way we can eat all the food we want while we are watching fireworks on the 4th of July.

We'll report back....and try to keep the whining at a minimum. :)


Anonymous said...

The sharp pointy finger of uncle Todd will now burst the bubble, it is 6pm not 8pm and it is a weight loss thing which neither of you two need to do. How about drinking from the opposite side of the glass just for 1 day.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

How about never turning right while riding a bike or driving.....Talk about an Amazing Race.....!!


Scorpicon said...

The best part about all this will be the disaster stories. Please let there be hilarious disaster stories. ;-)

Becca said...

Interesting! I like it :)
Can't wait to read along.
Good luck on this first one.
I wouldn't eat at all I think if this was the case for me!ch