Sunday, June 20, 2010


After 5 years of living in St. Louis Park, we finally we able to catch some of the festivities of the annual St. Louis Park "Parktacular". While Nate was really volleying for the Waffle breakfast at the local VFW, we agreed that the parade would be most definitely the most entertaining. Plus, there was serious promise of candy.

In SLP, parades don't kick-off with a Fire Engine. No, they kick-off with America. Flags on motorcycles. Yes plural.

My worst nightmare quickly came true as the family we were positioned strategically close enough that "people would throw candy at us, yet far enough way it wouldn't seem like I was literally stealing candy from babies", started to get attacked by ants, so they moved RIGHT next to us. AND to top it all off, for some reason every single float that was throwing candy wasn't actually throwing it.

They were handing it out. Person by person. Or should I say kid by kid. Because all the adults got were some flyers on rescuing dogs and some stiff handshakes by politicians whose names I couldn't remember even with this photo.

So unfair.

But all was not lost, as I felt right back at home with my small town roots, when I saw this random tuba-playing parademan....

...Girls who are 'queens' of something even more ridiculous than Viroqua's Wild West Days...

.....and the future demise of our marriage. Nate says he might just join this 'fan club' when he is done with school.
Next year, I think we'll try the waffle breakfast.

Or borrow someone's know so they can really experience everything parktacular has to offer while giving me a stipend of free parade candy.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't doubt the hubby and waffle breakfast... You could dress up as the Hawaiian star wars princess Kumoneyewannalaya and Nate could be chief thunderfork. After eating they would escort you to the float for sure. Then you could throw candy.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Looks like Westby and Viroqua may throw better parades! Only in Viroqua will you get string cheese and lots of CANDY!! Love, Mom

Nate Hanson said...

PS - I did manage to secure no less than one rootbeer barrel for my wife. She was pretty excited!

Becca said...

AHHHH! I laughed out loud at the Star Wars float. Hilarious. And I'm not going to lie...I can kind of see Nate up there!
Sorry you didn't get your candy Gert. There is always the Twinkle Parade.

Amy said...

NO Way...this has to be an annual Hanson tradition and I want to be part of this parktacular next year! Tuba man is too funny!! Thx for the belly laugh..