Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Share!

We got our first crop share this Thursday. We are splitting a share with our neighbor, and I have to admit when I stopped over to their house to pick up our first share for the summer I had a bit of excitement to see just what would be in there.

Because the reality is (or at least what I've seen in the newsletter we get) this spring threw 'our farm' for a loop. Asparagus done in March, thus we will get none. Some weird fungus or something on some of the root vegetables. So it is up to Mother Nature, and a little luck based on the lottery system they have in place for the sparse items.

All in all, we are super happy with our veggie loot.

So we know what to do with the mint (umm...hello Mojitos!), but based on what we got it looks like we are in some serious need for some great salad recipes. Anyone have any they want to share?
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Anonymous said... glad you labeled all those veggies in picture...I wouldn NEVER had known what they were!!!I vote mojitos for the mint too...and how is YOUR garden doing???? Have a good weekend!!!TOF

Anonymous said...

Not enough rhubarb for jam, but you could make a small crisp or sauce. If you were able to buy some decent sweet corn you could make that corn, radish salad in the Great Food Fast book! Enjoy, Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Get a juicer and make a veggie mojito...very healthy.
Uncle Todd