Monday, June 7, 2010

Cooking Light: Episode 11

It is always an amazing feeling when we totally  nail a recipe, and this week was not only executed well, but it was also a guaranteed repeat performance in our household.

It all started with the mint from our crop share. Now I know I said we would make mojitos but we were in desparate need of some healthy fare in our household after a Baked Cheetos episode combined with some trial of the new Starbuck Hot Chocolate Ice Cream.

So Tabbouleh with Red Peppers and Cucumbers  was just the ticket. Combine that with our fresh mint, a whole load of parsley and some delicious grilled chicken and we were in business!

Cooking with bulgar was a first for me. I have had it before in a restaurant, but never made it at home. It was super easy, very quick and supposedly quite healthy. The triple threat!

This has fast become a staple in our house. I already ate both containers of left-overs....and I never eat left-overs. Nate and I will have to instate a little RPS action to determine who gets these leftovers from now on!


Anonymous said...

That does look yummy....better get that recipe to Nanc!!


Becca said...

THIS looks freakin' tasty yo.
I'm not just saying that because I"m damn near 7 months pregnant.

Anonymous said...

RPS, best 2 out of 3 decided the color of our trim...I lost. What is a bulgar? Is that something you hunt or are they farm raised.
Uncle Todd