Sunday, April 29, 2012

10 Months

I am behind. So behind. And while 10 days does not seem that behind, it is. Because it feels like every day that I wake up and go in to get Matilda, she has a new skill. New sound. New little bit of babydom that I want to capture forever.

The biggest thing that happened in the past month was the arrival of teeth! We have two of them to be exact. They arrived around 9.5 months, with less fanfare that I anticipated.  She really did so well through the first two, so I have high hopes for the rest. Although would prefer the rest stay away until I am done nursing. :)

Matilda also has been working on waving hi and bye quite a bit. She is really good at it, just not so good at the timing. Without fail, after the person walks away the hand comes up and she gives a little wave.

Peek-a-boo has also changed in our house. Over the last month, we have transitioned from us covering ourselves or Tillie up for the big reveal, to TILLIE hiding herself (or should I say trying to hide herself) and egging us on to play. So super cute.

The frustration of being unable to move has started to set in, but each day that goes by there is more fire in Tillie's eyes..willing those toys to get closer to her.  She is really trying to pull herself from sitting to standing too but just can't quite do it yet. Usually ends up in a full side-split.

The 10th month also brought her first plane ride, first family vacation, a great week spent with Grandma and Grandpa, and her first time holding up her dolly when I asked "Where's Punky?" (which you would have sworn she was just nominated President of the USA the way I reacted).

She enjoyed her first taste of watermelon. Not so much on the blackberries.
But asparagus and Broccoli were the foods of the month for sure. 

The thighs continue to get juicier. More squeezable. More Huggable.

Oh, and the verdict is in. As Official Slap Bet Commissioner, I hereby deem Matilda's eye color to be blue and grant my Mom ONE slap to be delivered to Nate's face. Said slap does not need to be announced, and can be a total and complete surprise (although I would love a heads up so I can get the video camera set up).

NOW, who wants to have a SIDE slap bet with me that my Mom never actually goes through with it? :)


Lot 10 Linden Grove said...

Ooooh, don't underestimate Nancy! Do it! Do it! Do it! Welcome to the the double digits, Til

Anonymous said...

Looks like Til will be on the move soon...My guess Nancy will come through on the slap bet....

Nancy E. said...

I am totally excited that it can be a surprise and unannounced. I don't suppose I can take the side bet?? Love, Mom

P.s. Just wondering....are you getting closer to the chair for these month photo's or is Til just getting to be a big girl?? :(