Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Future Pilot

We have arrived in Florida, and I couldn't be more impressed with our little one. It was with great skepticism that I boarded the plane this morning. Two things were going for me:

1) It was a crazy week/weekend so I didn't have all that much time to even worry about how it would go. I knew we had to get on, and evenutally the plane would land.

2)  It was literally "grandparents express' given the destination so that put me at ease vs. the crabby business traveler. (I can say this because if I was on a business trip and saw an infant board, I would be saying the prayer of "please not me, please not me" the whole boarding process).

Tillie did awesome. A+ flight buddy. She slept for about an hour and 10 minutes in Nate's arms, and nursed and ate lunch when she woke up. And viola! In Jacksonville. It was pretty amazing. She was a trooper for how much she was in her car seat or being held today.

And for now, she is getting the feel of this Florida grass, and warm weather.

Tomorrow, we tackle the pool!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, more Tillie photos. Go glad to hear that the plane ride went well for all. Have fun relaxing and playing with Til in the pool. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Good to hear things went well!!! Have fun on your vacation!~!!!

Till looks great!!!